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We want to help people quickly find accurate answers to their questions.

One of the problems with search engines (ie. Google, Yahoo!, MSN) to date is that you have to browse through several websites to find your answer. For example, to answer a very simple question such as "Does the iRobot Roomba really work?" a search engine would only produce a list of websites. A user would then have to manually sift through and aggregate the opinions from the websites to find the answer.

Search engines also have difficulty providing a quick and comprehensive summary to a question like "What is the best bargains website on the Internet?" Going through a search engine yields only bargain websites with no information on how good or bad they are. It is up to the user to visit each site and determine which is the best themselves.

Additionally, search engine results can provide an incomplete analysis for certain types of questions. Each result only provides a limited perspective that may also be biased. If we use the first example "Does the iRobot Roomba really work?", one of the top results from a search engine may be from iRobot.com, the maker of the product. Having only one review to reference from may paint an inaccurate portrait of the product.

How can PollGenius.com help solve some of these problems?

By using the power of polls, we gather opinions from multiple members to help answer questions. Because we accumulate answers from a large audience, the results provided give a broader perspective and a more accurate answer than search engines. A larger audience helps reduce statistical anomalies produced from biased users.

Also, a user no longer has to dig through numerous search engine results because the poll results page provides a quick and aggregated snapshot of the answers. The poll results page achieves this by displaying an easy to read bar graph. In addition, the poll results page displays member comments that may provide supplemental information.

We hope this site can solve some of these problems!

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