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Who is the best-looking male in taiwan and korea?

16.5% 23 votes
Jerry Yan
14.4% 20 votes
won bin
12.2% 17 votes
kwon sang woo
12.2% 17 votes
9.4% 13 votes
hyun bin
9.4% 13 votes
4.3% 6 votes
Lee Joon Ki
3.6% 5 votes
ming dao 183club
2.2% 3 votes
kim jae won
2.2% 3 votes
Lee Dong Wook
2.2% 3 votes
2.2% 3 votes
wallace huo
1.4% 2 votes
jason 5566
1.4% 2 votes
kim rae won
1.4% 2 votes
lee dong gun
1.4% 2 votes
0.7% 1 votes
ambrose huo
0.7% 1 votes
0.7% 1 votes
ji sung
0.7% 1 votes
JOE Qiao En
0.7% 1 votes
johnny 183club
0% 0 votes
sam 5566
Total Votes: 139
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Poll created on 2006-05-24 1:39 by artkyo

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  • eun-suh2007-06-15 06:22:51

    won bin,kwon sang woo,hyun bin,rain and lee dong wook....haha! can't choose hard enough:D

  • Aljoon52007-01-18 01:37:08

    Yip... I vote for Jerry Yan.
  • Tiramisu2007-01-10 02:32:46

    I really like Joe, she is the best in the drama' wang zi bian qin wa', actually for me she is not the best one(the look), but i like her nature beauty! I know she did the best in the drama, especially whan she cried in the drama,it is touching!!!
  • Carmelita_cheeky2006-12-13 03:15:57

    Jerry yan id the best. Why Jerry Yan is not included. I onclude him because he is the best.
  • les20002006-12-03 09:45:26

    Rain can sing ,dance and act .He is so talented .I love his smile cute and i want to say his body 's hottest
  • Anna1232006-11-30 02:51:43

    i like Kwon Sang Woo he is so hot !! like yur movies
  • hbee2006-11-21 01:06:00

    Where is Jerry Yan?
  • potato2006-11-10 02:02:25

    from the list,Hyun Bin is the best...
    but my favourite is Dennis O Neil...
    I love u ...Dennis
  • Shali2006-11-03 03:17:32

    RAin looks great with masculine physical attributes...not like any other actor who looks like gals..
  • candicane2006-10-27 03:21:01

    i think wallace huo is the hottest there!!!
    love his acting and singing!!!
  • lene2006-10-24 00:19:37

    won bin!!!!
  • maltagirl2006-09-17 04:25:21

    i vote kwon sang woo and won bin
  • pinkan2006-09-15 00:20:36

    Kwon Sang Woo is the perfect guy with the perfect skin, and so warm hearted actor I have ever seen before. Will fully support KSW always
  • maltagirl2006-09-13 16:33:33

    rain looks a perfect michael jackson in looks, mike jackson is not attractive at all especially after facial surgery huh
  • maltagirl2006-09-13 16:32:02

    won bin and kwon sang woo are hot and around the same age.. i voted kwon sang woo next i'll vote won bin
  • Nikki Jung2006-08-20 10:21:09

    i Love rain !!he's perfect...
    anD Jun Ki is is okay,he can dance well n all but still don't like him
  • gReat_puNishEr2006-08-19 23:54:09

    Bi Rain can dance.. Kim Jae Won has cute smile.. Toro and Wallace Huo are cute
  • hikaru_lyn2006-08-06 10:10:38

    i think won bin best looking than all of them...and rain and mike is not best looking ,it is just their style make we all see they are the best looking.....
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