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Who is the friendliest Korean actress ?

29% 9 votes
Choi Ji Woo
22.6% 7 votes
Kim Tae Hee
16.1% 5 votes
Lee Dae Hee
12.9% 4 votes
Song Hye Gyo
6.5% 2 votes
Park Shin Hye
3.2% 1 votes
3.2% 1 votes
Lee Young Ae
3.2% 1 votes
Moon Geun Yeong
3.2% 1 votes
Yoon Eun Hye
0% 0 votes
Chae Rim
0% 0 votes
Ha Ji Won
0% 0 votes
Han Chae Young
0% 0 votes
Han Jin Hye
0% 0 votes
Jang Na Ra
0% 0 votes
Kim Eugene
0% 0 votes
Kim Hee Sun
0% 0 votes
Kim Sun Ah
0% 0 votes
Son Je Jin
0% 0 votes
Soo Ae
Total Votes: 31
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Poll created on 2007-07-02 12:19 by smallwolf6192

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  • kelly choi2008-07-24 01:48:38

    for choi ji woo is the best!
  • angel8ren2008-04-13 04:31:18


    YOON EUN-HYE and SONG HYE KYO are the friendliest.
  • Nishina_Rikka2008-01-30 06:06:21

    no... its not kim tae hee...... she is a bitch... a very ugly evil kim tae hee. Song hye done nothing wrong... why people are saying weird things about hyekyo?? maybe the person who named tae hee is insecure to the beauty of hye kyo.. kim tae hee she is not natural and her beauty looks so mean and her eyes looks so scary when she looks. she is pretty but song hye kyo has something that kth dont have.
  • tae_hee2007-10-15 23:01:26

    the friendliest korean actress must be kim tae hee.
    the ungriendliest korean actress go fo song hye kyo - an ugly and stupid dog. She's not worth to be a human
  • namunamu2007-09-26 21:32:53

    how would anyone really know this?
  • shally2007-07-26 21:59:19

    i love shin hye.. shes the best!!
  • Shaxnoza2007-07-22 10:41:12

    I love CHOI JI WOO
  • nicolechanjiaxin2007-07-22 03:54:19

    Love Choi Ji-woo.
  • Shoxa2007-07-21 14:07:23

    Choi ti perviy
  • minnie2007-07-18 08:08:18

    lee da hae is the best and the best of all
  • Kadir2007-07-15 10:17:59

    Choi Ji Woo, you are best
  • shaxachka2007-07-08 05:06:28

    Choi Ji Woo super actress in world
  • *laine*2007-07-06 23:39:09

    kim tae hee..very friendly
  • Chynna_Heart2007-07-03 07:36:05

    Lee Da Hae... and Song Hye Kyo for me is the best..
  • smallwolf61922007-07-02 12:31:05

    Kim Tae Hee is an angel
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