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Which type of asian drama do you prefer?  Vote Now

49.1% 155 votes
19.9% 63 votes
19% 60 votes
5.7% 18 votes
4.1% 13 votes
Hong Kong/TVB/ATV
0.9% 3 votes
um... i dont know???!!!!
0.6% 2 votes
0.3% 1 votes
AvRiL LaViGnE!!
0.3% 1 votes
Total Votes: 316
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Poll created on 2006-03-07 1:48 by benlin

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  • :: C o o k i e [x] C h o n g ::2008-07-07 08:40:59

  • ashiya_mizuki2008-04-30 01:18:17


  • sanoguritomargemingdaoscar2008-04-30 01:13:22

  • oscar_masao=)2008-04-30 00:59:35


    i like hanayori dango and hanakimi!!!

    i also love binbo danshi of oguri shun!!
  • nanba_senpai2008-04-30 00:50:50






  • toma_ikuta2008-04-30 00:40:12

    jdorama is d best!!
  • ming_dao2008-04-30 00:36:55

    i like wang zi bian qing wa!!

    pero jdorama paren aq.!!


  • mei_qiao_lin2008-04-30 00:12:27

    JDORAMAS!! especially hana kimi and binbo danshi!!

    go toma and oguri!!
  • ziajane2007-12-30 09:17:02

  • Chae Hye2007-08-28 01:09:41

    KOREAN DRAMA's the best.....
  • Babiibeminex2007-08-26 09:15:22

    Korean Drama!
  • babysugargirl2007-06-29 02:04:13

    isnt atv taiwanese?

    tvb all the way XD
  • eun-suh2007-06-01 08:23:17

    no one can beat korean dramas!:D
  • nicolechanjiaxin2007-04-15 04:42:53

    100% to KOREAN..I'm a HHUUUUUGGGGGGEEEEEEEEEEE[huge] fan(",)
  • board_rider2007-04-05 22:13:35

    Korean and Hong Kong drama..!!
    uhh so.. what's wrong with the Avril Lavigne?
  • blue42007-02-01 05:33:41

    KOREAN!!! i love princess hours a.k.a goong and my girl...and many more! KOREAN... is the best!
  • Nikki Jung2007-01-19 08:38:29

    duhh korean
  • reign2007-01-12 02:07:35

    i want korean series,,,,, when i watched the "my name is kim sam soon" on GMA i cant help but to watched it again and again,,,,,,,,, i really like that,,,,, btw i just waiting for the MNIKSS 2........ hope it will be as good as the first........
  • dOrKy_GuRl032006-12-28 14:58:06

    i prefer korean because its sad, romantic and sometimes happy...its makes me watch over and over again...:D...
  • Tiffany102006-12-03 12:47:36

    Koeran won my votes baby!!best korean drama"stairways to heaven"! haha...i statrted to watch this dramama called "MARS" it's's good too...there this HOTT guy name Zhous Yu ming!! hott!! :P
  • Yoo-rin2006-11-13 19:50:33

    Of korean drama!! always be no1 in my heart..
    korean drama cannot be compared with other dramas b'coz it is very unique, cute and perfect with nice songs..Their actors& actress are very talented and good-looking!
    I'm addicted with korean film & drama!!!
  • yumikumi2006-09-30 10:43:21

    Korean dramas are crap, they are so boring and rubbish, i hate korean drama.
  • asian2006-09-26 19:38:37

    korean dramas.

    of course.

  • shukzy2006-09-19 22:53:27

    korean drama is better in many ways. its funny, warm, many styles, sad, hot actors actress, and not too sexy.asian style.
  • gReat_puNishEr2006-09-02 21:50:31

    i love korean dramas coz it has funny scenes even the show is romantic juz like wonderful life, attic cat, and especially FULL HOUSE!
  • tapcie2006-08-28 19:18:12

    Korean Drama of course really love it! because they have this ingredients of intellectual, passionate and interesting story.
  • MMT2006-07-28 22:57:49

    they make me perfect feelings... sadness....happiness..pleasure...worries and many many more...
  • Cold_Mountain2006-07-09 12:50:20

    korean of course. prefer korean better than others. actually korean is good in making dramas IF they started to let go of the sad tearing dramas with all those "can't be cured diseases".....but chinese wuxia is also superb though.....
  • cen_xin_mei2006-06-07 08:28:48

    i prefer taiwanese and chinese more than korea because i like chinese and taiwanese serial.
  • vangelicious2006-05-27 01:19:22

    i prefer chinese and twainese more then korean
  • angelofdeath19922006-05-26 22:27:11

    i love Chinese and taiwanese dramas
  • momo2006-05-15 12:22:49

    kdramas are the best! i've only despised only 2 or 3 out of like, a hundred that i've watched.
  • pmmz2006-05-15 05:06:57

    Korean dramas are great. they make you feel different emotions. I especially love Save the last dance for me, full house and something else but i don't rememeber.... I think it's twin sisters. I'm a big fan of asian dramas. THEY ARE THE BEST FOREVAAAAAAAA!!!!!!
    In the Philippines there are a few of koreanovelas and others that are on TV. like full house, green rose, glass shoes, stairway to heaven, twin sisters and others. and until now adults(and kids) love them so much.
  • stepan2006-05-12 16:41:56

    I second ee-da-hae; lee na-young and gang hye jeong work also
  • ~LovelyGirl~2006-05-12 09:42:44

    Korean Dramas. Though almost all have the same plot, you just can't help but love them next to my list would be Taiwanese then Japanese ^_^
  • koreanfan_#12006-05-08 18:33:28

    korean because of lee da hae
  • docirene2006-05-05 12:36:32

    the korean wave that hit asia has also hit the philippines hard. there's the koreanovela invasion in metro manila as proven by our research made last yr for our thesis.
  • chin52006-05-02 10:46:19

    i love korean dramas. but people should also discover japanese dramas. they are short yet very concise.
  • clhundup2006-04-27 11:15:53

    K dramas 4 LIFE!
  • clhundup2006-04-27 11:14:58

    oh please,Chinese dramas??? may be ppl are talking about Hong kong dramas, because no one would watch drama from mainland CHINA.
  • Saranghae_Oppa362006-04-02 10:43:23

    100% Korean :D. I'm a big fan and I'm addicted ^__^.
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