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(FOR GUYS) Would you ever date a girl who is short and flat-chested?  Vote Now

46.7% 7 votes
33.3% 5 votes
20% 3 votes
Total Votes: 15
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Poll created on 2006-10-11 23:22 by azndgn26

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  • board_rider2007-03-21 17:54:55

    haha guess what? I'm all crazy about this girl.. she is exactly like what you described.. very short.. basically flat chested.. BUT HEY! it really don't matter to me =) my mind is just full of her..... flat-chested + short girls can be attractive too.. but look at it this way, she is really cute.. that's gold you know?!
  • Dying Soul2007-02-02 09:22:47

    If she's cool hey, but if she a bitch no!
  • board_rider2006-12-31 17:44:44

    I love flat-chested girls xP I think i have problem, but girls with attractive girls... i will be too scared to go for.. or I get disgusted after I look at the body a few times
  • theusedfan1012006-10-18 17:33:55

    it depends on her overall aprearance and personality for me
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