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Do you revise for tests?  Vote Now

30% 6 votes
Yes, alot!!!!!
25% 5 votes
Don't feel like it!
15% 3 votes
Can't be bothered
15% 3 votes
Too boring!
10% 2 votes
5% 1 votes
Hate to revise!!!
0% 0 votes
always ill on tests!
0% 0 votes
Don't need to revise!
0% 0 votes
Don't revise
0% 0 votes
Don't revise! I know I can pass!
0% 0 votes
Mitch off on tests!!
0% 0 votes
Test is too easy!
Total Votes: 20
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Poll created on 2006-11-02 4:13 by yumikumi

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  • stupidmonkey;)2007-10-24 19:00:34

    If you don't review your test, you might get the question wrong. It is a good way to get a good grade!
  • yumikumi2007-01-09 12:08:38

    yes, that's the whole point, you don't get it don't you???? You have got the meaning all wrong, I am not stupid at my english. I live in the UK and I was born here, and I go to an English high school. If you don't know what you're saying then just keep quiet. You don't know what the word revise is?? Gosh, I knew that since I was 3. You can't blame yourself for this, you know, it's not your fault, it's just that you don't learn enough. Or it's probably cas you're from the US and they have a different meaning, lol, u have 2 get updated with UK english. Gosh... what a handful..
  • weirdo902007-01-06 00:52:27

    Wow, you would actually stoop so low as to call someone a "thicko". Who do you think you are? And you can't "revise" for a test. Revise means to make revisions or rewrite something to improve it. If you meant while taking the test, then the question is not written the correct way. "Do you revise for tests?" is asking a person if they do it beforehand.
  • yumikumi2006-12-29 03:28:56

    no, revise, don't u get the meaning thicko???
  • weirdo902006-11-26 18:34:00

    you mean to say "review"
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