Which of the following korean drama is most overrated (this is a NEGATIVE term)?  Vote Now

35.6% 62 votes
Full House
19% 33 votes
Princess Hours
10.3% 18 votes
Winter Sonata
8% 14 votes
My Girl
6.9% 12 votes
Love Story in Harvard
3.4% 6 votes
Dae Jang Geum
2.9% 5 votes
2.3% 4 votes
What Happened in Bali
1.7% 3 votes
All About Eve
1.7% 3 votes
Autumn Tale
1.7% 3 votes
Sad Love Story
1.1% 2 votes
I'm Sorry I Love You
1.1% 2 votes
Lovers in Paris
1.1% 2 votes
My Name is Kim Sam Soon
1.1% 2 votes
Stairway to Heaven
0.6% 1 votes
0.6% 1 votes
Nine Tailed Fox
0.6% 1 votes
Spring Waltz
0% 0 votes
Delightful Girl Choon Hyang
0% 0 votes
My Love Patzzi
0% 0 votes
0% 0 votes
Save the Last Dance for Me
0% 0 votes
Super Rookie
Total Votes: 174
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Poll created on 2006-11-09 0:36 by azndgn26

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  • plinky2008-07-24 04:09:56

  • kelly choi2008-07-24 02:28:23

  • valirie_chan102008-07-24 02:27:23

    excuse me?!?!?!?! WINTER SONATA deserves the popularity they have!!!
  • angel8ren2008-04-13 05:38:25

  • ksw2007-10-26 13:28:52

    My Name is Kim Sam Soon is one if not the most overrated and for me, the most disappointing k-drama ever! Many gave a high rating to the drama but unfortunately, i didn't see anything interesting in the series from start to end and plus i disliked the character of Kim Sam Soon. Perhaps the reason this series got high ratings coz it gave some false hope to fat and chubby ladies.
  • I_Y_G2007-10-20 19:36:59

    I love princess houres
  • miyukigrg2007-09-20 03:01:17

    definitely winter sonata in the 1st place.then nine-tailed fox.
  • Lovely122007-09-05 05:14:15

    I hate Love Story in Harvard.
  • candicane2007-07-11 20:43:30

    definitely winter sonata...just didn't click with me:D
  • janine_172007-06-21 12:07:30

    panhget nyung lhat katul;ad ng princes hours....hehehe
  • goong_lover2007-06-07 05:48:53

    excuse me?!?!?!?! princess hours deserves the popularity they have,.,.as in grabeh!
  • goong_lover2007-06-07 05:46:05

    weeeeeehhhhhhhhhhhhh,.,.it full house,.,.but i guess they had forgotten about jewel,.,.,.dats knda boring,.,.,
  • lord_jedi2007-05-31 07:42:36

    Definately Princess Hours.. It's very popular, but it was slow and too predictable. I gave up the series in the 20th episodes... Can you imagaine? I gave up to the part where the real plot really start to get to the highest point. That give me the signal why I dislike this series so much. I like Yul in this drama, but I also gave up the drama in the end although he's in there.

    Kim Sam Soon is the other one... The story doesn't make sense. How come a young rich guy can fall in love with overweight, unattractive, and bad attitude woman? If the woman is like an angel and damn nice, i can accept it. But this woman like like to drink and curse.. I don't get it. And plus, it's not funny as Full House or My Girl.
  • zebra123456782007-05-02 00:21:44

    i think im going crazy of what overrated really means...well, dont care if its positive or negative!lol
    then, my stupidity comes out!
  • zebra123456782007-05-02 00:08:33

    well, duh am i correct? lol
  • zebra123456782007-05-02 00:06:37

    I THINK OVERRATED IS A POSITIVE regards somebody as better or more capable.................duhhhhh!!!!! try to understand the meaning OF IT.I think the negative one is underrated.THAT'S IT! LOL
  • board_rider2007-04-05 22:11:48

    hey full house is not over rated.. it's good.. i just dont understand what's so good about princess hour..
  • yixunne2007-03-26 09:13:06

    I really dont like nine-tailed fox since from the start.... the story is just creepy and impossiblw....
  • jamie_goong2007-03-02 07:08:39

    princess hours is the best!!!!
  • ihah2007-02-28 16:22:38

    princess hours drama indah kabor dr rupe..
    d story was not as what I'd expected..
    (cte nyer x seindah seperti ape y dgmbrkn..)
    I'd skip so many parts of d story coz it was too slow...I'd slept so many times watching that drama..n 4 others who has not watching that drama yet I reccomend u 2 not watching..
    not worth it
  • alice benz2007-02-16 09:31:06

    jewel in rhe palace is overrated/ it's not that great a movie, in fact it drags so much that it sent my companions to sleep.
  • reign2007-01-12 02:31:57

    my name is kim sam soon is the most watched sereis on 2005..... i love kim su n ah unnie and hyun bin oppa........ that was very co0l!!!!!!!!!!! for me, the meaning of overrated is THE MOST WATCHED KOREAN DRAMA..........
  • weirdo902007-01-06 00:37:48

    Definition of Overrated:Regarded more highly than is deserved. People! Try to understand the ques before voting for your fav series!
  • azndgn262006-12-29 23:01:36

    oO The question is askin which drama is most OVERRRATED meaning which drama deserves less recognition because it's not that great. You should read the ques carefully.
  • jUyOOrIN_092006-12-29 01:45:15

    GO MY Girl!!! GO My Girl!!! GO My Girl!!!! I like also Princess Hours, its so sweet!!!!
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