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Do you think Charmaine Sheh is a good actress?  Vote Now

53.3% 8 votes
46.7% 7 votes
Total Votes: 15
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Poll created on 2006-11-26 4:45 by yumikumi

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  • agathayy2009-07-20 09:04:11

    LOVE charmaine
  • TVBtopfan2009-03-15 15:48:04

    Niki has no Experiences with gun shows.So stop hating actress's actor's they spend allot of time making shows for you noobs to watch.To the haters.And watch what you say to people you don't know look back in all the series of Niki's and Charmaine's roll and shutup yumikumi i dont see you be acting if you did i will throw up on your face
  • TVBtopfan2009-03-15 15:45:52

    Charmaine sheh haters,Why do you offense someone you don't know?Charmaine sheh has allot of police roll experiences.Niki has allot of regular rolls for example under the canopy of love she does great in those kind of shows.Charmaine does good in police rolls.Charmaine did not take Niki's rolls in Forensic.Will Niki look good with a Gun?Look at her she acts like a little kid.I'm not hating her im just saying she will not look good with Gun series's is why TVB choosen Charmaine instead of Niki
  • Critic2008-08-19 14:12:09

    This is the world most stupid poll...a poll is something which you can choose your own opinion of a certain thing. And the person who made this poll is a hypocrite because they obviously don't know what a poll is. And even if the poll is only for Charmaine haters you needn't stick two No options because there really is no point if they mean exactly the same. And how can you not mean offence if you call someone a obviously means to offend or you wouldn't say that. And just so you know I hate you too :] since your such a hypocritical hater.
  • sassy2007-04-08 23:37:15

    I like Charmaine so if u hate her I hate u!!
  • board_rider2007-03-17 00:31:47

    i like charmaine.. well i came back to this poll too ... it's not really what I wanted to do.. but I was clicking "random poll" button, and it got to this poll again.. I like Charmaine.. i think she is very hot xD
  • sassy2007-03-09 13:32:11

    I like Charmaine she good!!You should make a yes choose!!Even if you don't like her!!!
  • Love Mum2007-02-24 10:35:35

    support charmaine~
  • yumikumi2007-01-09 11:58:35

    ummm.... why r u comin back 2 dis pollz, i thought u liked charmaine, mayb you've changed your mind.... you're strange
  • azndgn262007-01-04 02:46:55

    It's amazing how one can go so low...tsk tsk
  • yumikumi2006-12-29 03:34:40

    that's the whole point to this poll, it's only 4 charmaine haters onli, i really hate charmaine, sucks, looks too ugly, should have went out first in Miss HK, so ugly, can't stand her. You are thickos, (no offense to the people who like her) I just hate her so much. Sucks.
  • karen-floraforever2006-12-28 01:50:58

    hate charmaine sheh forever!! she is the worst in the world!! good poll!!
  • board_rider2006-12-26 23:19:18

    what the.... why would you put such pointless poll up... =S
  • sunny_sunshine72006-12-20 06:42:12 should put a yes!! Charmaine is cool!!
  • floraddict2006-11-27 04:55:44

    good options,yukikumi
  • azndgn262006-11-26 11:29:56

    There should be a yes option even though u dislike her.
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