who do you think should be Jay Chou's girlfriend?  Vote Now

50% 10 votes
Jolin Tsai
20% 4 votes
20% 4 votes
Vivian Hsu Ruo Xuan
10% 2 votes
Patty Hou
0% 0 votes
Total Votes: 20
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Poll created on 2006-12-24 11:25 by Full House

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  • weirdo902007-01-02 00:38:51

    The only person I know here is Jolin, but I really don't think they match..
  • board_rider2006-12-31 18:32:50

    who are these people =.=
  • azndgn262006-12-27 22:39:59

    no one, he's too damn cocky to deserve anyone despite him being a great artist.
  • lucy2006-12-26 21:23:24

    iT wOuLd Be HeLpFul If YoU pUt Up SoMe PiChA nExT tImE!!!
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