Has Choi Ji Woo ever had plastic surgery?  Vote Now

49.1% 79 votes
34.2% 55 votes
16.8% 27 votes
Too hard to tell
Total Votes: 161
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Poll created on 2006-04-07 1:16 by benlin
Did You Know...  
  • This image was taken from a forum, supposedly showing before and after surgery.

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  • tanshane2011-10-28 07:19:26

    i don't think she need surgery to be beautiful, because she was born as a very beautiful lady!
  • tanshane2011-10-28 07:16:44

    of course not !
  • hzzzzzzzzz2008-12-15 21:52:28

    i think she have she look diff from before
  • s2rosez2008-11-09 23:32:00

    She hasn't had plastic surgery...ever heard of growing into your features?

    The older you get, the bigger your eyes get, plus losing weight (baby fat, whatever)also takes flesh off the nose...even more reason to lose weight...

    And I've seen koreans with the same noses as her and Han Ga-In.

    If you still find it hard to believe an asian can look like that, search up Lee Young-Ae. (Truly looks mixed with European genes, but is fully korean and all NATURAL)

    Eat your jealous hearts out, haters.
  • margaret2008-08-15 08:19:48

    NO! she hasn't!
  • valirie_chan102008-08-05 07:25:31

    of course no!!! why did you say that choi ji woo has plastic surgery?
  • plinky2008-08-05 07:14:54

    of course NO! if you search that choi ji woo has plastic surgery, it say's that she's hasn't had a plastic surgery!!! you try!!!
  • kelly choi2008-08-05 07:04:51

    i think she's pretty but in this picture, i think this is not here image. What about you are you prettier than choi ji woo even you threat here very ugly? if you see her in the true because i went to korea and i saw her, she's so pretty in korea as white as crystal!!!
  • namunamu2007-09-26 21:40:13

    people don't admit that they had plastic surgery... people die from that kind of paparazi attention...
  • nicolechanjiaxin2007-07-23 06:53:01

  • watermelon_kristine2007-03-20 18:09:53

    You could like so tell...
  • Kim-Thoa2007-03-15 18:09:13

    She is ugly... nothing pretty at all, her nose surgery but still look very ugly to me.
  • Tiffany102006-12-03 12:48:56

    i said yes b/c i heard she got a nose job...but it doesnt look too diffrent..she's still pretty :P
  • asian2006-09-26 19:49:36

    i said too hard to tell.


    she's pretty, though.

  • amazingglaze2006-09-23 23:57:33

    i think she has the same nose from beautiful days to winter sonata to stairway to heaven. the only thing that you need to consider wht her nose is sometimes pointed is because of the good angle of the photographer and the diretor. She has a natural beauty.
  • iza2006-08-27 09:00:29

    i think she didn't had plastic surgery.And i'm going to believe it until forever.for me,she is beauty and pretty.
  • riz2006-07-30 08:53:20

    she is natural artists, how come you be so sure that the one in the forum is right, anything can be photoshop for that matter, the one close to her say that she is natural beauty, the only she had is laser surgery on her eyes to correct her vision
  • ching yee2006-07-25 01:42:21

    She is pretty for me and she does not seem ugly plsssss !! for those saying other to be ugly wat bout u ??
  • momo2006-05-16 14:10:12

    i think she's pretty but in some way she looks fake.
  • obsessed152006-05-08 23:48:26

    me 2 she ugly but acts good!
  • Saranghae_Oppa362006-04-24 16:23:18

    Although I don't find her pretty al all IMO.
  • singapore2006-04-21 01:58:43

    It doesn't matter, she's pretty either way.
  • Saranghae_Oppa362006-04-07 16:27:44

    I'm guarantee she did because she even admit it ^__^. But it doesn't really matter ^__^.
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