About this poll: This poll is all about love of the condor heroes and Jumong...............


which chinese\Korean series series do you like??  Vote Now

66.7% 6 votes
33.3% 3 votes
Love of the condor Heroes
Total Votes: 9
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Poll created on 2007-03-24 22:45 by Fairysnow

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  • candicane2009-05-14 02:56:38

    Not sure what to choose???
    But i decided Love of the Condor heroes!
    But.. I was wondering isn't it LEGENDS of the condor heores.
    Good point i think that Jumong is KOREAN!
  • Saranghae_Oppa362007-07-15 23:27:30

    I love Jumong =)!
  • Fairysnow2007-04-11 03:59:53

    But here in phil. it's love of the condor Heroes....
  • weirdo902007-04-10 21:33:04

    1.isn't it supposed to be legend of the condor heroes?
    2.Jumong is korean.
  • weirdo902007-04-10 21:32:14

    1.isn't it supposed to be legend of the condor heroes?
    2.Jumong is a korean
  • board_rider2007-04-09 17:12:16

    that's what I thought too.. isn't it Korean?
  • clquek2007-03-29 07:44:24

    Jumong is a chinese series? I thought it was korean?! Am i wrong or something?
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