who you think is the good actor or actress ?  Vote Now

14.6% 38 votes
song hae gyo
11.5% 30 votes
kim tae hee
7.7% 20 votes
lee da hae
7.7% 20 votes
ming dao
7.3% 19 votes
kwon sang woo
5.4% 14 votes
qiao en
4.2% 11 votes
alec su
4.2% 11 votes
Bae yong-jun
4.2% 11 votes
vicki zhao
3.8% 10 votes
bi rain
3.5% 9 votes
rainie yang
3.1% 8 votes
so ji sup
2.7% 7 votes
choi ji woo
2.3% 6 votes
lee dong wook
1.9% 5 votes
kim rae won
1.9% 5 votes
wallace hou
1.5% 4 votes
charlene choi
1.5% 4 votes
takeshi kaneshiro
1.2% 3 votes
bae yoo jun
1.2% 3 votes
cecilia cheung
1.2% 3 votes
flora chan
1.2% 3 votes
hyun bin
1.2% 3 votes
kim ha neul
1.2% 3 votes
yutaka takenouchi
0.8% 2 votes
jang nara
0.8% 2 votes
0.4% 1 votes
janng dong gun
0.4% 1 votes
jung da bin
0.4% 1 votes
Kim Sun Ah
0.4% 1 votes
kyoko fukada
0.4% 1 votes
lee dong gun
0.4% 1 votes
sammi cheng
0% 0 votes
kim jae won
0% 0 votes
makiko esumi
0% 0 votes
matsuda shota
0% 0 votes
naohito fujiki
0% 0 votes
takuya kimura
Total Votes: 260
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Poll created on 2006-06-16 11:23 by artkyo
Did You Know...  
  • matsuda shota acted in the drama hana yori dango as one of the member f4
  • bi rain was only a dancer before he became an actor and a singer

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  • cute_nica2008-04-01 01:23:56

    BAE YONG JUN of course!
  • ikka2008-01-28 07:00:41

    i love lee dong wook n lee da couple
  • nordelm2008-01-13 18:50:55

    P. S. Choi Ji Woo is a very kind, gentle & friendly person. She was brought up in a very good Christian environment by her parents. Up to these time, she's involve in Christian activities.
  • nordelm2008-01-13 18:48:04

    Choi Ji Woo won several awards for best performances.
  • addicted2koreandrama2007-12-26 17:36:05

    Lee Da Hae, You'll be blessed!! :)
  • Gabrielle_sweet2007-09-03 04:09:50

    Song hye kyo!!!
  • Aileen242007-08-26 09:57:26

    Song Hye Kyo of course.
  • Jane_smile2007-08-26 09:56:10

    Song Hye kyo can act the best so i voted for her.
  • juhi1832007-08-01 02:41:18

    Well...really i like Charlene Choi and Vicky Zhao wei both....Both good acting and pretty....
  • nicolechanjiaxin2007-07-23 06:12:39

    Bae Bae Yong-jun.I love him!
  • truong2007-07-10 10:21:15

    Kim Tae Hee and Kim Rae Won is the best
  • giga2007-07-08 00:34:57

    joon sang kan
  • dilnura2007-07-05 01:31:19

  • [email protected]2007-06-06 01:06:41

    Song Hye Gyo is a very kind person. Although she was brought up in good environment, the rason why she has good breeding, it's really a surprise why somebody who grew up in soo much love and security, could be warm-hearted to kind to all kinds of people. Perhaps this is one reason why God gifted her wirh so much because of her very good heart.
  • nicolechanjiaxin2007-05-12 00:37:12

    Bae Yong-jun of course
  • wiinni32007-03-31 17:46:23

    in all that i think i like Flora Chan better!
  • poool2007-01-24 20:55:09

    I agree.... qiao en really cuteeeeeeee
  • qwwe2007-01-24 00:17:24

    Joe Chen Qiao En is cute...!!!!
  • Kawaii2007-01-14 21:07:23

    Joe Chen Qiao En IS THE BEST!!!
  • leen2007-01-14 00:56:54

    i think yutaka is one of the best actor..hes very good looking n diff frm oda actor shud watch him in with lov or beach boys hes hott...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Tiramisu2007-01-10 02:19:28

    I like qiao en in the 'wang zi bian qin wa',I think she try her best,especially when she cried in the drama, it very touching!! Do u agree, if u dont agree is ok, just my opinion.
  • azndgn262007-01-06 14:05:41

    The top 4 actors/actresses are all mediocre, there ain't nothin special bout their acting, it's all about the looks, that's what it's saying.
  • jUyOOrIN_092006-12-28 23:55:48

    Lee DA HAE!!!!!!! luv u!!!!! the best!!!!!
  • hbee2006-11-21 01:22:16

    Takeshi Kaneshiro of course. TK has this pulling power. But there are so many others not included in this list...
  • Yoo-rin2006-11-07 22:38:52

    I think Lee Da-hae is the best actress.
    She can cry well in green rose and very funny and active in my girl. she is versetile and talented.
  • candicane2006-10-27 03:25:20

    Lol...had 2 make up my mind between alec su, wallace huo, bi rain and kwon sang a lot of thinking...but in the end i choose alec!!!
  • raven_282006-09-18 23:12:43

    tough choices!

  • azndgn262006-09-16 16:31:37

    Rain is the best Korean actor. He portrayed his characters very well especially in his first series which is my most favorite.
  • lovergirl259_Z2006-09-03 13:12:02

    Kim Tae Hee..she cant do well and better just in one year she is now become poplr actress in asian..we know that
  • tapcie2006-08-30 20:52:00

    kim tae hee superb actress!
  • Nikki Jung2006-08-20 09:42:16

    song hye-kyo is a great actress...anD bi rocks !!
  • hikaru_lyn2006-08-06 10:04:18

    i like the way that song hye kyo act.....
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