who do you think best fits zac?  Vote Now

42.1% 8 votes
ashley tisdale
42.1% 8 votes
vanessa hudgens
10.5% 2 votes
no one
5.3% 1 votes
hilary duff
0% 0 votes
hannah montana
0% 0 votes
lindsay lohan
0% 0 votes
nicole coleman
Total Votes: 19
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Poll created on 2007-04-10 22:10 by jamie_goong

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  • ashleyfan2008-12-17 02:55:10

    ashley fits better!
  • :: C o o k i e [x] C h o n g ::2008-07-08 07:38:47

    zac n vannessa looks really cute 2gether...
  • dripdropstar2008-02-10 06:53:41

    hi, excuse me, not nicole coleman she is
    monique coleman.

    Ahem...Oh, Vanessa Hudgens fits Zac Efron.
  • wiinni32008-01-07 19:38:08

    Mmm... not hannah montana and not lindsay lohan!!!!
  • stupidmonkey;)2007-11-08 19:23:56

    glad noone vote 4 lindsay lohan. they do not match. same with hannah montana. she is pretty but she look better with jake ryan in hannah montana!;}
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