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About this poll: vote wad u think has the most nicest storyline....disregard the actors/actr more...
About this poll: vote wad u think has the most nicest storyline....disregard the actors/actresses looks and popularity.... less...


which is the most meaningful korean drama based on the storyline?  Vote Now

40.5% 15 votes
Full House
18.9% 7 votes
I'm Sorry I Love You
10.8% 4 votes
Memories in Bali
10.8% 4 votes
Save the last dance
8.1% 3 votes
i dunno
5.4% 2 votes
Sad Love Song
2.7% 1 votes
First Love of Prince
2.7% 1 votes
0% 0 votes
Oh! Pil Seung Bong Soon Young
0% 0 votes
Summer Beach
Total Votes: 37
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Poll created on 2007-04-16 8:37 by oppafanatic

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  • clusters2009-01-16 08:53:23

    'all about eve' by jangdonggun and park chaerim has a very strong storyline and you will be amazed and touch ....
  • lookatyou!2008-05-27 06:13:15

    MISA is the best....u will learn to value your life thru this drama..
  • Unlimited2007-12-03 20:10:19

    Definitely Memories of Bali has a meaningful storyline...teach you a great deal of issues about human characteristic(love, money, social class, and selfishness) and what we all should learn from it. Overall the storyline was written very well.
  • miyukigrg2007-09-28 02:34:22

  • cassie2007-09-26 01:26:02

    fullhouse.... so much praise to the author of that book!
  • didiellza2007-09-16 17:34:07

    Still I am a Goong-Fan!! But from the list i think "Sorry I Love You" is more meaningful basted on the storyline!!
    But from all dramas that i have seen is "THANK YOU" the most meaningful korean drama based on the storyline, If you haven't seen it you should what it!! it is a must seen drama!!
  • Nancy2007-09-06 04:53:56

    None- I prefer Winte Sonata!
  • lord_jedi2007-06-14 23:10:36

    Misa... It will change your prespection and how you look life after watching it.
  • azndgn262007-04-21 19:38:45

    nicest storyline is diff from "meaningful"; u should change the ques.
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