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27.8% 5 votes
22.2% 4 votes
16.7% 3 votes
11.1% 2 votes
i don't know u
5.6% 1 votes
don't know my poll
5.6% 1 votes
i hard to decide
5.6% 1 votes
5.6% 1 votes
Total Votes: 18
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Poll created on 2007-04-16 22:14 by rainbow_
Did You Know...  
  • my name is jessica nguyen born on feb 24 1996 5'2 159cm and i'm still growing for my height

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  • x_xbabiix_x2009-07-12 22:27:02

    awwww, yur soo cute
  • alter2007-09-26 11:41:21

    it's not safe... rainbow, but, u are so lovely
  • azndgn262007-04-21 19:40:39

    it's unsafe to post up photos of yourself and your personal info.
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