About this poll: It's means that which actress that you think that can get a award.


Who do you think the korean actress that deserves get a award as best actress?  Vote Now

45.8% 88 votes
Kim tae hee
34.9% 67 votes
Song hye kyo
7.3% 14 votes
Choi ji woo
6.3% 12 votes
Lee Da Hae
2.1% 4 votes
yoon eun hye
1% 2 votes
Chae Rim
1% 2 votes
Son Ye Jin
0.5% 1 votes
Han chae young
0.5% 1 votes
Kim Sun Ah
0.5% 1 votes
Sung Yu-ri
0% 0 votes
Jang na ra
Total Votes: 192
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Poll created on 2007-04-20 3:11 by DEHLISA EMYLISA

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  • eun-suh2008-06-04 01:54:27

    song hye kyo.she can play any role. she can make me cry in "autumn in my heart" and make me laugh in"full house". she is indeed the best actress.
  • Agian2008-02-21 09:21:33

    hye kyo... she has so many awards.
  • Aileen242008-01-31 04:20:06

    hye kyo of course... she is the best actress.
  • lovely_hyekyo2008-01-30 01:35:01

    Song hye kyooo... she s the best!!!!!
  • addicted2koreandrama2007-12-21 09:40:14

    sure not Choi Ji Woo
    Kim Tae Hee.......maybe
    But....I really can't chose between Song Hye Gyo or Lee Da Hae
  • Babiibeminex2007-10-20 08:07:57

    LDH is definitely the best so versatile! from playing a mean gurl to a tragic queen to comedy.
  • yahoo girl2007-10-08 22:17:15

    I really hate Kim Tae Hee... Who the hell is she? How can she,the infamous, supass all the most famous Song Hye Kyo?
  • Cherry_Blossom2007-09-21 04:41:15

    I rily love song hye kyo. OMG she s so pretty.
  • Kim_eun2007-09-08 05:25:58

    Song hye kyo should b the 1 who should get an award. she is the one who act so well.
  • Camille_Yui2007-09-08 05:13:36

    Song Hae kyo of course. she is the best actress for me.
  • Gmen2007-08-31 12:45:32

    lee da hae iz de best!!
  • Little Jenny2007-08-08 05:53:42

    Kim Tae Hee both beautiful and talented... I like her very much. So cute !!
  • nicolechanjiaxin2007-07-29 05:37:27

    Choi Ji-woo....Of course...
  • KirinPatrick432007-07-21 23:44:59

    Watch SNOW QUEEN and you'll see what I mean. Yu-ri really got under the skin of that Bora character and made her come to life. I don't know what else to say but when I watch films, when I can feel something from the actor's performance or it has an impact on me, that's when I know that it's great acting. I know you all are probably tired of my constantly bringing this example up but when I watched Young Ae-Lee in JEWEL IN THE PALACE, it just didn't have any effect on me because I didn't think she really grasp how to play that character. I don't have anything against Young Ae-Lee, I think that she is an excellent actress this performance was one of her weaker ones in my opinion.
  • sevara2007-07-14 08:30:55

    Please voting to choi
  • boburshax2007-07-05 07:10:17

    I love CHOI JI WOO
  • dilnura2007-07-05 01:58:21

  • rado2007-06-07 10:40:52

    Kim Tae Hee- i like her acting. She can make me hate her and love her so much.
  • [email protected]2007-06-06 01:15:58

    Korea's Song Hye Gyo is definitely the best of the crop. She could easily switch her acting from sad to comic, like in full house. She could be very funny in an instant and very sad in a while, effortlessly. She is rerally good. With a face like what she has, how could she ever go wrong.
  • hanyuri2007-05-26 12:22:30

    Kim Tae Hee of Stairway to Heaven
  • bo su kyi2007-05-25 04:06:11

    what what!kim tae hee should not be on the top.it should be SONG HYE KYO
  • 24oras2007-05-24 09:08:12

  • azndgn262007-04-21 19:21:37

    It's Choi Ji Woo not Choi Ji Won.
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