About this poll: Is he handsome or does he melts your heart{which level}


Do you like Lee Jun-ki?  Vote Now

46.7% 7 votes
Yes, he's a great actor
20% 3 votes
i love him ! He's Cute !
13.3% 2 votes
Cannot live without him
13.3% 2 votes
He looks like a girl
6.7% 1 votes
He is only okay
0% 0 votes
Hate him very much
0% 0 votes
My life will be very miserable without him
0% 0 votes
No place in my heart for him
Total Votes: 15
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Poll created on 2007-05-11 6:00 by nicolechanjiaxin
Did You Know...  
  • He is the Hottest Korean superstar
  • His grandma passed away before he finish his acting
  • Only his grandma supported him
  • His earing is from his grndma's necklace
  • His earing has only one set in this world
  • He is as cute as MASHIMARO and SHIN CHAN
  • He is a 3 in ...modal,actor and singer
  • He nearly became a chef before he become a superstar

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  • alter2007-09-26 11:27:29

    i think he looks like a woman. i don't like him...... lee dong wook is the best at all!!
  • nicolechanjiaxin2007-07-24 08:43:37

    I can't live without him!
  • s2_LiLiAn2007-06-27 09:46:56

    he looks like a girl in my girl but when u see him in anycall hes hott!!
  • bo su kyi2007-05-25 04:23:33

    wow,it can't be.the hottest kstar is RAIN.rra gi?
  • clquek2007-05-17 07:39:41

    He looks so much like a girl. He would look better if he was more manly.
  • missfaky2007-05-13 23:37:09

    lets see...lee jun ki is the best actor as everyone in the world...wish him good luck...hope he could find a girlfriend in this year or next year....so he won't be lonely for three years...lee jun ki good luck..
  • board_rider2007-05-11 23:50:46

    He is okay.. but he looks too much like a girl
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