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Who is funnier, Kim Sun Ah or Lee Da Hae  Vote Now

79.3% 23 votes
Lee Da Hae
20.7% 6 votes
Kim Sun Ah
Total Votes: 29
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Poll created on 2007-05-16 1:45 by biancs

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  • saraelee2011-02-22 22:13:07

    unnie da hae is much funnier, when i meet her she makes her fans smile
  • ziajane2007-12-30 09:30:25

    kim sun ah!
  • nicolechanjiaxin2007-07-24 08:23:31

    Lee Da-hae..
  • board_rider2007-05-23 23:23:15

    lee da hae is very cute xD
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