Which korean actress do you find unattractive that are highly praised by many?  Vote Now

37.8% 115 votes
Kim Tae Hee
29.9% 91 votes
Song Hye Gyo
9.9% 30 votes
Choi Ji Woo
4.6% 14 votes
Can't Decide
4.3% 13 votes
Yoon Eun Hye
2.6% 8 votes
Lee Da Hae
2.6% 8 votes
1.3% 4 votes
1.3% 4 votes
Ha Ji Won
1% 3 votes
Kim Hee Seon
1% 3 votes
Park Si Yeon
0.7% 2 votes
Chae Rim
0.7% 2 votes
Jeon Ji Hyun
0.7% 2 votes
Lee Young Ae
0.3% 1 votes
Han Ji Hye
0.3% 1 votes
Kim Ah Joong
0.3% 1 votes
Kim Sun Ah
0.3% 1 votes
Other ---> (Specify)
0.3% 1 votes
Son Ye Jin
0% 0 votes
Han Eun Jung
0% 0 votes
Han Ga In
0% 0 votes
Im Soo Jung
0% 0 votes
Kim Jung Eun
0% 0 votes
Kim Jung Hwa
0% 0 votes
Lee Yeon Hee
0% 0 votes
Moon Geun Young
Total Votes: 304
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Poll created on 2007-05-20 9:57 by azndgn26

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  • YooRin582010-01-17 00:48:53

    Song hye kyo &lee da hae are my favourites!!!!
  • maealo222008-04-03 03:48:38

    Lee Da Hae is very pretty inside and out!!

    She's a nice person and has a good heart to help the depressed areas in SEOUL.

    If celebrities would just use their status to help make people lend a helping hand (financially) it would be great!

    watch her video:
  • Dian_cute2008-01-29 21:29:17

    Its kim tae hee.... she look so evil and monster.
  • hell_angel2008-01-06 03:10:37

    i apologoze saying that my comment might offense "kimtaehee" but your comment just pissed me off. Look at your comment, you wanna get everyone's attention and pursue them to hate Song Hye Kyo...but your way of doing thing is just like your name" kim tae hee" (like to makes moves on people)..slut!
  • hell_angel2008-01-06 03:05:24

    I totally agree with "youyou". You have the same point of view as mine. Kim tae hee is a slut, she'll do anything to get attention of people
  • hell_angel2008-01-06 03:03:49

    lol hey the person with the nickname "kimtaehee" think ur everything and ur have the right to say who is bitch and who is supposse to go to hell huh? Who the fuck are you?? Dont chu you know that ur liltle whore,a slut!...Song hye Kyo has such a pure eyes and cute lips, look at your "kimtaehee"...and see how God has created her has the evil looking, even her name means "go to hell" also. Song hye kyo and lee hae hee is one of the purest k-actress. U can tell that Kim Tae Hee used ti do plastic surgery. What a shame!
  • youyou2007-10-17 05:21:41

    Kim Tae Hee is most overrated WITCH in the world that are highly praised by A SMALL GROUP of some alien ghosts. Only the nasty and grazy ghosts would like her.
    Can you imagine the innocent Hye Kyo is playing the evil character like KTH in stairway to heaven? It is so unfair, right?
    That's why ghosts who like KTH are also nasty and grazy like their idols.
    How can viewers like the negative character like KTH? Only the alien ones, believe me.

    Oh! alien in this place does not refer to people from the outside world, but it refers to people come from hell... ^_^

    Song Hye Kyo, bravo!!!!!!!!
  • Thara2007-10-16 05:35:13

    I hate Lee Da Hae & Chae Rim a lot. They are so ugly.
  • tae_hee2007-10-15 22:56:13

    song hye kyo is the ugliest girl in the world. She's so short and stupid. Her acting is very bad: just cry and upset to make boy love her --> so boring.

    song hye kyo is the ugliest girl in the world. She's so short and stupid. Her acting is very bad: just cry and upset to make boy love her --> so boring.

    song hye kyo is the ugliest girl in the world. She's so short and stupid. Her acting is very bad: just cry and upset to make boy love her --> so boring.
  • Glasses2007-10-08 07:10:33

    I hate Kim Tae Hee very much. Not pretty at all... looks so meannnnnnnnnnnnnnn!
  • sdfsfsfsdf2007-09-28 06:00:59

    I don't think Kim Tae is pretty. Her acting skill is bad. I am a fan of Choi Ji Woo. I hate KTH so much in stairway to heaven. Song Hye Kyo is the most beautiful Korean actress.
  • namunamu2007-09-26 20:50:57

    i like the way kim tae hee eyes look....
  • namunamu2007-09-26 20:48:39

    OMFG!! who the f#%k even voted on this poll?! im speechless.... they are all pretty...
  • namunamu2007-09-26 20:46:52

    alot of kim tae hee lovers and haters on this website...
  • namunamu2007-09-26 20:45:53

    to whomever made this, why would you make this kind of poll? are u racist? do u hate koreans cuz they are so fine?
  • Sexy_Celine2007-09-24 20:19:08

    why Song hye kyo....she s very attractive..... maybe the one who vote for that is just one person only.
  • miyukigrg2007-09-20 02:57:17

    i don't think Park SiYeon is that attractive.was ahe crowned miss korean.. tht judge must be blind.and the other one is choi ji woo.
  • Cute Rabbit2007-09-18 06:05:29

    I agree... Kim Tae Hee's eyes are so scary, she should play the nasty character like in Stairway to Heaven. And she is not beautiful!
  • Cutie Girl2007-09-17 05:21:43

    I hate Kim Tae Hee
  • Prettygirl2007-09-10 04:06:05

    I fully agree with Happy girl, Karenron and Camille Yui. I like Song Hye Kyo... She is pretty, Lee Da Hae is also pretty. Song Yoon A is attractive and kind. I don't like Kim Tae Hee. She should act as the negative character. Main lead actress, not suit her.
  • Camille_Yui2007-09-08 05:06:01

    i dont like Kim Tae Hee's eyes. its so scary sometimes. many people are praising her but i dont think she is pretty. Song hae kyo is the prettiest than kim tae hee.
  • KarenRon2007-09-07 10:02:51

    For me HAPPY GIRL is right...

    Kim tae hee's eyes, for me, it really really looks so so so so mean..


    i like Lee da Hae;;!!

    your the best..

  • Happy girl2007-09-05 04:22:51

    Kim Tae Hee is not very good... Just so-so. Her eyes look mean.
  • Lucy2682007-08-30 04:41:36

    Song Hye Kyo is beautiful. She is not highly praised.
  • Chae Hye2007-08-28 01:14:27

    i think its Gong Hyo Jin.....
  • kriza2007-08-26 11:22:30

    lee dae hee is really attractive she so beuatiful and really gud in acting.
  • jhanie_302007-08-26 01:56:14

    choi ji woo is unattractive korean actress... she is MMA...! married women/middle age/auntie.... eowww!! for me eugene is prettiest korean actress i ever seen!!!!!!!! she's the one....
  • clquek2007-08-13 09:39:39

    Song Hye Kyo shouldn't be on the list!
  • Little Jenny2007-08-08 05:45:32

    The Unattractive Korean Actress in my view are Choi Ji Woo, Yun Eun Hye, Jeon Ji Hyeon, Kim Ha Neul and Han Ga In. The Attractive are Kim Tae Hee, Song Yoon A (Jin Young in Hotelier), Song Hye Kyo, Lee Young Ae, Kim Hee Sun, Lee Da Hae, Chae Rim and Ha Ji Won.
  • Korina2007-08-01 11:57:32

    Every time I watch Kim Hee Sun's movies, I yawn. She's perfect as the blind girl in Sad Love Story. She still looked blind even if she could see! No change in expression.
  • KirinPatrick432007-07-21 05:42:40

    Again I apologize for my comments and if it will offend many but this is just my opinion.:-)

    My choice is Chae Rim. While many raved about her ALL ABOUT EVE, I felt like dying everytime I see her performance in that drama. Only Jang Dong Gun saved the day and kept me alive with his brilliant performance. Not only did Chae Rim's phony nose bother me, her constantly acting like a victim and her over-acting and pretending to be cute really killed me.
  • shaxachka2007-07-08 05:03:53

    Yu Jin - winter sonata
  • *laine*2007-07-06 23:41:19

    song hye kyo,,don't simply like her,,i don't know why? i voted 4 song hye kyo in this poll
  • boburshax2007-07-05 07:07:53

    Choi Ji Woo
  • Ranulfo 2007-06-30 08:28:39


    "the best"
  • s2_LiLiAn2007-06-26 09:00:52

    i dont think Park Si Yeon is that attractive even though she was crown miss korean.. i dont like her acting as well
  • janine_172007-06-23 05:17:30

    Lee dA hAe is ugly, untidy and bad odor...

    kim tae hee and song hye gyo is very very very very very attractive nd beautiful.. no one can beat dem.....
  • brunswick2007-06-05 12:53:41

    Hye Gyo...She looks untidy!
  • bo su kyi2007-05-21 03:55:23

    Song hye gyo is cute and very very attractive.No one will vote her on this poll.
  • lisa_nova182007-05-20 23:28:07

    Lee Da Hae is attractive. She should not be on the list.
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