Which korean actor do you find unattractive that are highly praised by many?  Vote Now

31.7% 26 votes
Bae Yong Jun
26.8% 22 votes
7.3% 6 votes
Joo Ji Hoon
6.1% 5 votes
Can't Decide
3.7% 3 votes
Kwon Sang Woo
2.4% 2 votes
Gam Woo Sung
2.4% 2 votes
Jang Dong Gun
2.4% 2 votes
Kim Rae Won
2.4% 2 votes
Lee Dong Wook
2.4% 2 votes
2.4% 2 votes
So Ji Sup
1.2% 1 votes
Ahn Jae Wook
1.2% 1 votes
1.2% 1 votes
Hyun Bin
1.2% 1 votes
Kim Jeong Hoon
1.2% 1 votes
Lee Byung Heon
1.2% 1 votes
Lee Dong Gun
1.2% 1 votes
Song Seung Heon
1.2% 1 votes
Won Bin
0% 0 votes
Gong Yoo
0% 0 votes
Han Jae Suk
0% 0 votes
Jae Hee
0% 0 votes
Jang Hyuk
0% 0 votes
Jung Woo Sung
0% 0 votes
Kang Dong Won
0% 0 votes
Kim Jae Won
0% 0 votes
Lee Jin Wook
0% 0 votes
Lee Jun Ki
0% 0 votes
Lee Min Ki
0% 0 votes
Other ---> (Specify)
0% 0 votes
Park Shin Yang
Total Votes: 82
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Poll created on 2007-05-20 10:04 by azndgn26

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  • cute_nica2008-04-01 01:21:28

    He have really the perfect characteristic of a MAN!!
  • luvjoonki 4eva2008-02-07 07:13:56

    lee jun ki doesn't deserve to be in this category!!!he"s too cute to be here!!!.So do Bae yong jun!he's the most charming guy in korea man!!!!
  • nordelm2008-01-13 17:41:05

    Kwon Sang Woo was voted June 2006 most beautiful man in an international magazine.
  • Cute Rabbit2007-09-18 06:09:15

    I think Rain and Lee Jun Ki are unattractive and are highly praised... Don't like them!
  • Korina2007-09-15 15:13:46

    How can you say that Kwon Sang Woo is unattractive? Am so hurt!!!
  • Lily 1242007-08-29 05:20:59

    Bi is the ugliest like Little Jenny said. Bae Yong Joon is the most handsome man in Korea. How come he is on this list?
  • Sophea Ch2007-08-16 05:57:38

    Bae Yong Joon is the best... Shining hair, charming eyesight, great nose, nice lips, hot body, soft voice and wonderful personality. The UNATTRACTIVE are: Rain, Lee Jun Ki, Kwon Sang Woo, Kim Rae Won and Lee Byeon Hun.
  • clquek2007-08-13 09:38:31

    Bae Yong Joon should top the list like he already has! Too highly praised! I agree with board_rider, Lee Jun Ki should be on the list as well!
  • Kristine Ch2007-08-13 05:11:58

    Bi/Rain is the ugliest.
  • Little Jenny2007-08-08 06:12:44

    Bae Yong Joon is the most handsome man in Korea... He shouldn't be on this list...
  • dilnura2007-07-05 01:23:41

  • s2_LiLiAn2007-07-03 07:45:12

    it doesnt all matter about looks, u need talent and personlity as well
  • hikaru2007-06-13 15:10:19

    I really feel sad for Jang Dong Gun and Won Bin. They are not unattractive ppl cos' beauty or handsomeness for that matter, lies very much in the eyes of the beholder!
  • board_rider2007-05-23 23:19:50

    what happened to Lee Jun Ki?
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