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Do you like eating cookies?  Vote Now

36.4% 4 votes
my favorite..
36.4% 4 votes
18.2% 2 votes
9.1% 1 votes
I dunno...heheh..
0% 0 votes
I don't like it..
0% 0 votes
I hate it...
0% 0 votes
I love it..even though it sometimes gives me cavities..
0% 0 votes
it gives me cavities..
Total Votes: 11
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Poll created on 2007-11-01 6:53 by jamie_goong
Did You Know...  
  • Did you know that I love cookies..and chocolates...
  • did you know that it gives you cavities when you too much..

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  • clquek2007-11-29 02:39:36

    Cookies! YUMMMM!! How can u live without them!!! I'm a cookie monster!
  • viicto.O ~2007-11-02 10:10:54

    ahhh the pic's SO delicious...oh wait, brb, going to eat some coOkies! :3
  • jamie_goong2007-11-01 06:56:39

    comments please...
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