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Do you like TVB actress Leila Tong?  Vote Now

83.8% 57 votes
16.2% 11 votes
Total Votes: 68
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Poll created on 2006-07-30 23:53 by zqiang

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  • cute_anne2007-06-28 09:45:20

    shes so pretty........but i like jung ryeo won than her
  • watermelon_kristine2007-03-20 17:51:57

    She's cool
  • eileen2007-03-13 14:56:06

    i dun hate her nor love her! but if to choose, i will support 4 her.
    she is cute!!
  • sassy2007-02-25 03:01:38

    She is a good actress and pretty!
    Simply Perfect!!!
  • runaway_gone_2007-02-23 22:56:57

    yes, definitely.
  • diva~gal2007-01-19 20:14:56

    She ROX our SOX!!
  • board_rider2006-12-26 22:50:18

    YOU MEAN DO I LOOOOOVE HER? ahem.. yes i do, I can't do anything about this obsession with her, but she is very beautiful
  • rainbow_2006-09-27 22:45:45

    Leila Tong is very pretty she should be Miss Hong Kong if she is
  • asian2006-09-26 19:53:23


    she's very pretty.

    and good acting.


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