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What asian drama you like most?  Vote Now

54.5% 67 votes
17.9% 22 votes
15.4% 19 votes
8.9% 11 votes
1.6% 2 votes
1.6% 2 votes
Total Votes: 123
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Poll created on 2006-08-31 21:30 by gReat_puNishEr

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  • 090834880252009-03-23 01:19:12

    I like filpino drama
  • plinky2008-07-24 03:19:54

    heheh me also even im filipina, i still like korean drama!
  • kelly choi2008-07-24 03:19:03

    im am korean that's why i like korean dramas!
  • ziajane2007-12-30 09:16:34

    i love korean dramas!although im a filipina!
  • nicolechanjiaxin2007-12-29 02:27:43

  • Jolyn2007-09-11 09:46:09

    Filipino and Taiwanese drama are good as well but i like watching korean drama. "Princess Hours and I am sorry I love" you are the best.
  • Chae Hye2007-08-28 01:04:54

    im a koreanobela addict......
  • RavenStillBeguilin2007-06-16 19:54:35

    Korean and Taiwanese are the best imo. Japan doesn't stand a chance.
  • runaway_gone_2007-05-09 08:18:45

    chinese, as in HONGKONG/tvb dramas. yepps. my fave.

    second would be korean dramas! :D

    last would be s'pore. x.x
  • yixunne2007-03-04 07:48:50

    I do love to watch asian damas ,but Korean Dramas make me really hooked. It is usually short but easy to remember. I just love it though its funny or heavy drama, or light story..
  • baiboau2007-01-22 01:53:47

    l love lee dong-wook
  • reign2007-01-12 02:10:04

    for me korean is very good.......... they really know the taste of the people........
  • hli_xyooj2006-11-21 21:34:40

    i love taiwanese drama its good and makes you obess and about korean its allright for some because its mostly triangle love all the time and which it goes the same way
  • floraddict2006-11-11 22:36:30

    hktvb dramas rox the world
  • asian2006-09-26 19:38:13

    all asian dramas are good...

    but it's just that korean dramas are more classic.


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