What is your all-time favorite idol Taiwanese drama?  Vote Now

20.3% 135 votes
Meteor Garden
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20.1% 134 votes
The Prince Who Turns Into a Frog
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15.5% 103 votes
Devil Beside You
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12.6% 84 votes
It Started With a Kiss
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6.6% 44 votes
Love on the Aegean Sea
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4.8% 32 votes
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4.1% 27 votes
2.9% 19 votes
Smiling Pasta
2.3% 15 votes
At The Dolphin Bay
2.3% 15 votes
Meteor Garden II
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1.8% 12 votes
MVP Valentine
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1.7% 11 votes
My Lucky Star
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1.5% 10 votes
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0.9% 6 votes
The Outsiders
0.8% 5 votes
Love Contract
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0.6% 4 votes
Snow Angel
0.5% 3 votes
100% Senorita
0.3% 2 votes
The Legend of Speed
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0.2% 1 votes
0.2% 1 votes
K.O One
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0.2% 1 votes
Peach Girl
0.2% 1 votes
secret garden
0.2% 1 votes
Tian Xia Di Yi
0% 0 votes
Express Boy
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Total Votes: 666
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Poll created on 2006-03-15 0:08 by psychez

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  • abcgirl2009-09-06 03:50:53

    where else can i watch taiwanese dramas with english subs aside from and
  • abcgirl2009-09-06 03:43:29

    how come fated to love you and my queen are not included?
  • anfitchh2008-04-26 22:23:09

    At dolphin bay and smiling pasta and hana kimi are thee bestt
  • Sai_Lvly192008-02-01 06:13:27

    i love barbie.....
  • Sai_Lvly192008-02-01 05:56:25

    i love barbie xu , meteor garden is the best of the all... is so nfamous in asia
  • woman022008-01-27 17:35:17

    i like smiling pasta!!!
    the drama is so cute!!!
  • benightedxflame2008-01-21 16:41:48

    I think My Lucky Star is a pretty good one. It's a good combination of sorrow and laughter. I <3 the cast. :O
  • ninashelovely2008-01-06 04:12:35

    DEVIL BESIDE YOU is the best........
  • FlamingCerberus2008-01-04 19:06:13

    Devil Beside You all the way! its the best
  • erin2007-12-10 02:23:50

    i don't like ming dao,i like wu zhun n jiro
  • asfariena2007-11-04 02:52:40

    hanakimi,hanakimi yeah
    Ilove Jiro Wang and Wu Chun.

    LOVE YOU 2222222........
  • halefanatic922007-09-22 04:12:22

    dEciL bEsiDe yOu iS siMplY d bEst=)!miKe aNd rAiniE rOckS!..
  • YJJAW2007-08-10 02:57:30

    Smiling Pasta is suppppppppppppeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrr NICE!!! Nicholas Teo is so cute!! XD XD
  • talkativegirl242007-08-02 20:59:54

    it started with a kiss my fav
  • tvb_4_evah2007-07-11 02:08:53

  • ogurishunuiaein2007-06-01 07:40:44

    ISWAK, the first taiwanese drama I watched and so far my favorite among Ariel Lin's dramas.
  • Jen_Ni012007-04-27 19:06:45

    Prince turn to frog is my favorite because it is so suspenseful!!
  • mariel2007-04-17 09:45:32

  • Clintless2007-04-17 08:39:30

    Meteor Garden...:)
  • love.wuzun2007-04-17 02:55:20

    HANA KIMI ROCKS!!! vote for it (:

  • akakochana2007-04-13 08:46:13

    i vote for LOTAS.The drama made me cry like crazy but i really like it,i like Plato's enternity
  • television12007-04-10 20:34:45

    Juz wanna add it in...HanakazarinoKimitachihe...
  • Mae_Suazo2007-03-26 04:03:04

    of courz,,, meteor grden.
  • Tiffany102007-03-13 23:55:56

    i LOVe f4!!!
  • Victoria_alvarez2007-03-07 10:09:20

    Meteor Garden is the best because of jerry Yan.
  • yixunne2007-03-04 06:12:37

    Lavender is really the best for me....really touching and romantic....

    I also love A Promise of love at the dolphin bay, It started with a kiss, and Prince Turns into Frog.
  • koreanprincess2007-03-01 09:30:28's really my favorite..!
    meteor garden..the best..!
    it started with a kiss..i love it..!
    love contract...mike cute..!
    100%senorita..m fave actress..Penny Lin..
    Mars..great....!beautiful songs...
    Dolphin Bay...w0w..!
    MVP Valentine...eeeew..!sucks...!
  • lovergirl259_Z2007-02-09 20:56:04

    ISWAK..Coz its so funny,i like ariel lin here she is forgiveable person.. Im wonder how people strng with ariel pretnd not to laugh..Even my self watch her n dis series so dffcult to hide my laugh.
  • lovergirl259_Z2007-02-09 20:54:17

    ISWAK..Coz its so funny,i like ariel lin here she is forgiveable person.. Im wonder how people strng with ariel pretnd not to laugh..Even my self watch her n dis series so dffcult to hide my laugh.
  • kaycee2007-01-24 02:40:53

    For me the number one all time favorite taiwanese drama is "the prince who turned into a frog"...coz i like Ming dao and Chen Qiao En.
  • Maricar_dione2007-01-19 22:01:41

    Meteor Garden is my favorite taiwanese drama.
  • Kathey_Young2007-01-19 01:21:05

    I love meteor Garden1 and 2.
  • Terimisu2007-01-11 23:42:10

    Not the Joe Chen in'it start with a kiss', is Joe Chen Qiao En in 'A Prince Turn Into A Frog'!!
  • Terimisu2007-01-11 23:38:33

    'It start with a Kiss' is too boring!!! Very dissapoint With It!!!! I have watch soo many taiwan's drama, untill now i still like'WANG ZI BIAN QIN WA' the most!!!Now i think JOE CHEN is the best actress agter i watch this drama!! Did u agree? She have done her best!!
  • killjade2007-01-06 14:45:56

    I like Mars..coz i got really excited waiting for the next episode..Vic is sooo hot in Mars..
    I also like Meteor Garden 1, because it was funny..
    At The Dolphin Bay kinda moved me..Ambrose HSu is a major HOTTIE!
  • nzabanal2006-12-17 23:19:52

    IT ALL STARTED WITH A KISS...makes feel like watching Taiwanese Drama .. ARIEL LIN makes me feel like her performance well to the max.. areal trouper as far as performances.. a person oozing with appeal and character..
  • Loveable_Me2006-11-26 16:35:34

    The Prince who Turns into a frog really inspired me to find my soulmate. Even if they for get those memories of you, you can still get them back! =P
  • nyla2006-11-26 09:05:22

    frog prince is the best taiwan drama I ever seen.
    I love it.
  • hli_xyooj2006-11-21 22:13:50

    too many to choose!!!!!!!!!!1
  • Truthness2006-11-18 19:17:07

    Meteor Garden rocks because the story is very very sweet.
  • Lea_Hannah2006-11-18 19:14:11

    Meteor Garden is the Best!!!!!! I love Jerry Yan and Barbie Xu so muchhhhh...
  • lanie09232006-11-14 01:01:23

    i love dolphin bay, lavender, meteor garden 1 and love at the aegean sea...
  • xiao-cien2006-11-11 09:15:22

    Meteor garden,Prince who turn into a frog n devil beside u....3 the best serial drama....touching...funny...n so romantic....:)
  • Angela Chank's2006-11-08 09:07:12

    The Prince who turns into a frog is the best from all taiwanese drama. I love it very much..
  • lisa_nova182006-11-05 01:56:23

    I love meteor Garden. It is the best drama in all.
  • asian2006-09-26 19:42:39


    ming dao and qiao en's chemistry is great!

  • gReat_puNishEr2006-08-26 03:03:38

    i like the prince who turns to frog but i choose snow angel coz i love it's story... especially toro ^_^

    i've watched more korean tv dramas than taiwanese but i think its also beautiful like snow angel, frog prince, meteor garden, lerobe, lavender, mvp valentine, dolphin bay... and i'm currently watching it started with a first kiss coz it's like what happening in my life except the kiss ^_^
  • hikaru_lyn2006-08-06 09:21:30

    i choose it started wit a kiss cause it was funny and funny ha..hazz...and there are no idol of me in this drama...there are no idol for me...i just wanted to see the stories about it.....
  • Mhmm2006-08-01 09:35:51

    I totally crazy with "It started with a kiss"
  • cen_xin_mei2006-06-07 08:22:51

    i am very like this serial.this serial so romantic for me.mike he is so hot,handsome and cute.....hehehehehe.his smile can kill any girl in the world...hehehehe...i like very much mike he and rainie played as a couple....because they are so cute
  • vangelicious2006-05-27 00:55:49

    wow love devil beside you mike is so hot i love the way he smile it melt mah heart ehehe
  • angelofdeath19922006-05-26 22:44:02

    i love devil beside you,it started with a kiss,and Prince Turns into a Frog
  • ~LovelyGirl~2006-05-12 09:46:46

    Prince who turn into a Frog/frog prince. I love this drama. Cute cinderella-like story. Qaio en and Ming dao are so cute. ^_^
  • obsessed152006-05-08 23:34:43

    i heart devil beside you. the best. i heart mike he and rainie yang!
  • benlin2006-04-15 21:54:26

    which drama is that?
  • redsexxy2006-04-15 21:34:27

    ti's the 1st taiwanese drama i've watched & since then i've been hooked to watching other dramas in chinese & korean series.
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