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Do you think Harry Potter will die in Book 7?  Vote Now

70.6% 36 votes
29.4% 15 votes
Total Votes: 51
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Poll created on 2006-03-19 1:32 by psychez

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  • viicto.O ~2007-03-29 13:31:07

    well, I hope so
  • viicto.O ~2007-03-29 13:30:59

    well, I hope so
  • viicto.O ~2007-03-29 13:30:56

    well, I hope so
  • babysusu1832007-03-17 10:21:44

    i say he won't coz hero of the books that children read will not die. as usual. sumbody once told me that it'll make children cry if the hero dies,but i don't reali agree coz i dun care whether he dies or not. lol.if to say RATIONALLY,maybe "sumbody's" reason might be right.
  • board_rider2007-01-02 12:28:13

    yes, he should've died in the first book anyway
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