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Tavia Yeung vs. Linda Chung  Vote Now

73.9% 34 votes
Tavia Yeung
26.1% 12 votes
Linda Chung
Total Votes: 46
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Poll created on 2006-11-24 17:38 by cuttiepie92

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  • Rayda4ever2009-12-01 05:37:29

    Linda chung<3
  • Fanny Lee2008-10-12 14:37:31

    Linda Chung has more talent than before because she be succeed more than last year. And I had feeling that she will win the awards on November 15th,2008.I will wish you GOOD LUCK to Linda Chung.
  • Fanny Lee2008-10-11 23:35:14

    I will always vote for Linda Chung and she win 100% awards on November 15th,2008 Wish you GOOD LUCK LOTS OF GOOD LUCK GOOD LUCK.
  • Fanny Lee2008-10-11 23:06:02

    All the FANS should vote for Linda Chung
  • Fanny Lee2008-10-11 23:04:11

    Linda Chung is the best best actress and a great singer that she WILL win the awards on November 15th, 2008.Wish you GOOD LUCK and you done excellent job and GO GO Linda Chung.
  • tavia2008-09-27 10:10:13

    actually i like tavia yeung very much..
    but linda chung also not nice..
    so 50-50 la..
    Gambateh la they 2..
    i will always support them..
  • Xina2008-04-28 10:18:30

    tavia forever!!! dont like Linda at all!!!...
  • Twister12782007-01-07 00:54:59

    well i perfer tavia over linda cuz tavia acting are way better but i think as linda grows older she will gain experience...but tavia sure can act even when she first started acting...for linda she has talent i think in singing tho because she got a pretty cute voice...
  • tvb_4_evah2006-12-31 21:34:57

    of course tavia...
    i wonder why they would even accept someone like that in the tvb company
  • nicoleco2006-12-15 15:00:45

    i really hate linda
    she very act
    she might be pretty,but she thinks too highly of herself.
  • tvb_4_evah2006-12-03 16:12:24

    tavia is so hot... she looks young for her age

    linda looks like she's 28 when she's only 22
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