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About this poll: Vote here for the kind of drama that you hate the most.


Which kind of drama do you hate the most?  Vote Now

25.6% 11 votes
16.3% 7 votes
I don't know
16.3% 7 votes
11.6% 5 votes
7% 3 votes
7% 3 votes
Taiwan (from 2005 and up)
4.7% 2 votes
4.7% 2 votes
Hong Kong
2.3% 1 votes
2.3% 1 votes
2.3% 1 votes
most of the mediacorp (singapore) chinese shows & taiwan shows
Total Votes: 43
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Poll created on 2006-11-25 16:57 by asian

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  • alter2007-09-18 09:23:35

    it depends on the druma i think
  • candicane2007-07-11 20:51:13

    i hate those olden day ones...soooo boring...and those middle day ones, if you know what i'm talking about...i just don't get them...and especially computer generated ones...its so overdone that its lame...
  • runaway_gone_2007-03-15 22:00:29

    definitely not hongkong! ah!
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