About this poll: Some people think she is pretty, but do you?


Is Tavia Yeung pretty?  Vote Now

71.4% 35 votes
Yes, absolutely!
28.6% 14 votes
No, of course not.
Total Votes: 49
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Poll created on 2006-12-03 14:49 by cuttiepie92

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  • ZZuRRa2009-01-28 04:34:20

    She's pretty.but some of her pictures do show that she's old..
    Anyhow,she is so pretty compared to last time.
  • Xina2008-04-28 10:12:22

    I think she look pretty...
  • snickerdoodle2007-11-04 16:09:53

    Tavia is not pretty unless in an ancient series like Eternal Happiness.
  • TVB_Angel2007-05-04 19:38:36

    I LOVE TAVIA..but to admit..she's not that pretty.
  • wiinni32007-05-03 13:40:01

    She's pretty but not in this pic!
  • Twister12782007-01-07 00:51:23

    i think see look werid no offence cuz im a tavia fan! but i love her acting!!!!!!she has great acting skills and very smart. shes not pretty as others but guess wut... SHE CAN ACT!
  • board_rider2006-12-31 18:55:30

    i like her with the tanned skin xP it makes her look very cute, yeah but I dont go extreme with her, and in that pic.. she is O__O no comment... lol.. I go extreme with Charmaine and Leila, wanna talk about them intead?
  • manglaikuan2006-12-08 07:20:20

    She is not so pretty but she looks quite old.
  • wiinni32006-12-04 18:51:08

    she's pretty but not very very pretty,she's ok.
  • floraddict2006-12-04 00:29:51

    but she doesnt look absolutely pretty in the pic above...
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