What was the best Hong Kong TVB series of 2005?  Vote Now

20.3% 79 votes
Shades of Truth
15.6% 61 votes
Revolving Doors of Vengeance
15.4% 60 votes
War of In Laws
6.9% 27 votes
Yummy Yummy
6.2% 24 votes
The Academy
5.4% 21 votes
Life Made Simple
5.1% 20 votes
The Gentle Crackdown
4.4% 17 votes
The Charm Beneath
3.1% 12 votes
Love Bond
3.1% 12 votes
Ten Brothers
2.8% 11 votes
Healing Hands III
2.3% 9 votes
My Family
2.1% 8 votes
Into Thin Air
1.8% 7 votes
The Prince's Shadow
1.5% 6 votes
Misleading Track
1% 4 votes
Real Kungfu
0.8% 3 votes
Just Love
0.8% 3 votes
The Herbalists Manual
0.5% 2 votes
Guts of Man
0.5% 2 votes
Strike at Heart
0.3% 1 votes
0.3% 1 votes
The Gateau Affairs
Total Votes: 390
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Poll created on 2006-03-31 23:44 by psychez

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  • Babiibeminex2007-08-25 14:07:13

    Shades of Truth!
  • x3-Ai-Andy2007-08-04 08:18:10

    ii chose Into thin Air . coz ii had a deeper impression of that than other shows ..
  • sassy2007-06-15 23:10:36

    Omg I love Into thin Air, The Charm Beneath. But I just had to choose The Academy! Go Ron!
  • eileen2007-03-13 15:00:17

    i love few of the show!!!
    most is love bond & charm of the beneath
  • runaway_gone_2007-02-23 22:40:13

    misleading track & life made simple! (:

    haven't catch revolving doors of vengence & guts of man yet though. ):
  • karen-floraforever2007-01-18 06:32:42

    omg!! how can yummy yummy gain votes?? i really wonder...
  • board_rider2007-01-02 13:18:42

    the gentle crackdown was good, haha!! moses is so cool, even tho he has the gayest name ever... but it was so funny
  • ash ketchum2007-01-01 04:10:47

  • Tiramisue2006-12-29 13:50:21

    I didn't like Shades of Truth...Gentle Crackdown was excellent, but I voted for War of the in-laws, I loved the Boscolie chemistry!!
  • candicane2006-10-25 03:25:32

    Life Made Simple is sooo funni...i laughed so much that i had tears in my eyes...LOL
  • wiinni32006-10-18 20:38:55

    Sorry i did a mistake you are right
  • wiinni32006-10-07 11:50:54

    Yummy Yummy its on 2006!
  • asian2006-09-26 19:50:06

    once again...

    randomly picked one.


  • Jinny2006-08-22 22:05:14

    go Julian cheung!!! in shades of truth he loooked sooo cute and young and cute but he's always been that way!!! him and gigi lai were good but not in real life...1. he's gonna become a dad and 2. he called gigi fat and told her to lose weight so in real life...she'd crush him. was a good movie but it was so rushed at the end...aww well, gentle crackdown had a great pairing!! love it, revolving doors of veangence was sick with kenix kwok and joe ma, way too corporate business stuff and lovey dovey stuff with those 2 barf
  • hikaru_lyn2006-08-06 08:48:48

    all of the movie, me also very like...& dont know want to choose which 1,so i had choose the prince shadow.
  • beside_u_4ever2006-08-02 22:06:25

    omg, idk, there was so many good ones, that i can't decide, but i kno some that i definitely don't like, i guess the question should be posed more specifically, like, which was the funniest, most intense/suspenseful, romantic, etc.
  • tawni2006-06-27 17:35:21

    The gentle crackdown is my all time favorite movie.Its an awesome movie.
  • CelticKisses2006-06-13 17:56:18

    I didn't think Shades of Truth was that great
  • craziness2006-06-02 04:02:34

    the gentle crackdown and the academy are GREAT but if i have to vote,the gentle crackdown it will be as it is extremely hilarious at some parts
  • David992006-05-11 06:05:35

    Shades of Truth fully deserves to be the number one, but all other movies are very good and worth watching.
  • obsessed152006-05-08 23:38:11

    they're all pretty good!
  • dlwx2006-04-30 00:34:07

    the academy is good but revolving doors or vengeance is even better joe ma:)
  • xmrsbloom007x2006-04-08 19:38:15

    Ten brothers isn't bad. very funny and dramatic at the same time.
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