"Golden Faith" or "Revolving Doors of Vengeance"?  Vote Now

60% 18 votes
Golden Faith
40% 12 votes
Revolving Doors of Vengeance
Total Votes: 30
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Poll created on 2006-12-05 2:08 by irislim
Did You Know...  
  • Ron Ng, who played a primary character in "Revolving," was actually a peripheral cast member in "Golden Faith" as one of the cops under Deric Wan

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  • BlueBear262007-08-31 20:30:32

    the acting in Golden Faith is way better. Gallen is way betta than Joe!!!!
  • sassy2007-03-09 21:59:03

    Both ae good but I prefer Golden Faith anyday!!
  • karen-floraforever2007-01-20 23:29:07

    both are nice shows..but i still prefer Golden Faith..
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