What was the best Hong Kong TVB series of 2004?  Vote Now

20.3% 39 votes
War and Beauty
17.7% 34 votes
Twin of Brothers
16.7% 32 votes
The Last Breakthrough
7.3% 14 votes
To Catch the Uncatchable
4.7% 9 votes
Angels of Mission
4.7% 9 votes
Armed Reaction IV
4.7% 9 votes
Lost in the Chamber of Love
4.2% 8 votes
Dream of Colours
3.1% 6 votes
Hard Fate
3.1% 6 votes
Net Deception
2.6% 5 votes
Shine on You
2.1% 4 votes
Lady Fan
2.1% 4 votes
Split Second
1.6% 3 votes
Placebo Cure
1.6% 3 votes
To Get Unstuck in Time
1.6% 3 votes
Wong Fei Hung - Master Of Kung Fu
1% 2 votes
To Love With No Regrets
0.5% 1 votes
Riches and Stitches
0.5% 1 votes
The Conqueror's Story
0% 0 votes
A Handful of Love
0% 0 votes
Blade Heart
0% 0 votes
Hidden Treasures
Total Votes: 192
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Poll created on 2006-03-31 23:53 by psychez

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  • felicityf2007-11-11 22:15:36

    War and Beauty rocks!
  • television12007-08-28 03:45:31

    i lik to catch e uncatchable because it makes me laugh
  • snickerdoodle2007-08-03 23:30:58

    The Conqueror's story is awesome!!!
  • runaway_gone_2007-04-24 09:32:14

    twin of brothers, angels of mission, dream of colours...! :D

    though i still support my vote of WAB. hahah.
  • eileen2007-03-13 15:03:18

    i dun think war & beauty is a good show!!
    anyway shine on you pretty good, last breakthrough as well.
  • runaway_gone_2007-02-23 07:31:41

    for me, war & beauty & to get unstuck in time is quite a hard fight...

    but i like the cast in WAB so more though both cast are good. (:

    both theme songs are nice too. hahah.

    angels of mission & armed reaction iv aren't bad either. :D
  • karen-floraforever2007-01-18 06:30:01

    to get unstuck in time and hard fate!! coz got Flora!! hehe..
  • tvb_4_evah2007-01-02 15:57:54

    i picked the twin of brothers since it had my fav. people... and i did like the series... i also liked the last breakthrough but decided to vote for twin of brothers
  • board_rider2007-01-01 23:41:34

    =\ oh my gosh, how can twin of brother have the same vote as War and beauty?!?! it was kinda crappy (in my opinion) War and beauty was great!!!! stop being so shallow, guys!! I agree that The last breakthrough is good, but War and beauty is better =D
  • candicane2006-10-25 03:09:42

    TOB 4 mee...Ron Ng is in it ^_^
  • wiinni32006-10-07 11:44:37

    Love Armed reaction 3 and catch the uncathtuble
  • asian2006-09-26 19:43:18

    twin of brothers.

    because of raymond lam.


  • hikaru_lyn2006-08-06 09:02:20

    there's soo much of series...all of this series i also very like...cause all of it also very nice to watch..
  • angelofdeath19922006-05-26 22:45:55

    Twin of bros 4 me
  • David992006-05-11 06:14:55

    War and Beauty should have been voted as the best Hong Kong TVB series of the year 2004. What a great movie !
  • psychez2006-05-09 23:39:30

    I love historical war dramas like The Conqueror's Story.
  • koreanfan_#12006-05-08 18:32:15

    i just say hhhiiiiiiii
  • dlwx2006-04-30 00:32:27

    to get unstuck in time and hard fate rox like hell
    my fav actress...flora chan duh...
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