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Do you live in Hong Kong, China (not including Hong Kong!!!) Korea, Japan, UK or Singapore?  Vote Now

57.1% 24 votes
21.4% 9 votes
7.1% 3 votes
Hong Kong
7.1% 3 votes
4.8% 2 votes
2.4% 1 votes
0% 0 votes
Total Votes: 42
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Poll created on 2006-12-10 7:16 by yumikumi

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  • rainbowmessenger2007-11-09 16:54:06

    I live in UK and i made this poll
  • rainbowmessenger2007-11-09 16:54:05

    I live in UK and i made this poll
  • alter2007-09-18 09:30:13

    i live in myanmar
  • nicolechanjiaxin2007-07-24 05:02:44

    I don't live in Korea..but my heart does.
  • wiinni32007-06-30 14:15:02

    Canada but I soo want to live in Hong Kong
  • viicto.O ~2007-03-17 22:33:29

    Canada...But I LOOVE JAPAN!!
  • sassy2007-03-09 13:34:37

    I am in Canada but I wish I was in Hong Kong!!!
  • runaway_gone_2007-02-23 07:37:05

    i'm from singapore.

    i wish i lived in hongkong though. hahah. =x
  • karen-floraforever2007-01-27 11:14:04

    i am from Malaysia and in Malaysia now..
  • Terimisu2007-01-16 02:10:07

    I'm frm England, but i live at Malaysia now, here have many coconuts and durians, it's SWEET!!!!!
  • yumikumi2007-01-09 11:54:37

    no, it don'ts countz, sorry, lol....
  • board_rider2006-12-31 18:46:19

    I used to live in Hongkong, until I moved to Canada, does that count?
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