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Do you speak korean?  Vote Now

48.5% 33 votes
44.1% 30 votes
A little
7.4% 5 votes
Total Votes: 68
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Poll created on 2006-12-10 7:22 by yumikumi

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  • ZzQEzZ2009-08-09 16:58:27

    Im learning can u teach ?
  • valirie_chan102008-08-01 09:06:10

    ye!!! little!!!
  • kelly choi2008-07-24 02:16:51

    i am an korean also! that's why i join the pollgenius to have vote with korean's actress or movie etc.
  • eun-suh2008-05-14 20:15:53

    just a little bit but i know how to read nd write.
  • candicane2008-04-23 22:13:51

    I wish i knew!
    and then i could go out with korean guys, watch k drama without subs and feel like a korean!
  • angel8ren2008-04-13 06:18:39

    i know how to read but slow only...

    u go hir.
    really easy to understand.

    but for writing i'm stil confused

    for saying ..a bit only
  • namunamu2007-09-26 21:35:59

    Korean pride!!! most of people who answered no just like kdramas or kmovies, korean game shows, kpop, korean actors and actresses...i feel insulted..
  • alter2007-09-08 08:07:56

    i wanna learn so i can understand what they are saying,
  • nicolechanjiaxin2007-07-24 04:31:51

    I know a little bit only...
  • bo su kyi2007-05-25 04:43:41

    i would like to learn korean language so that i can understand exactly what they mean
  • lilliums2007-05-22 00:36:04

    No, but I REALLY wish I did.
  • mariel2007-04-17 10:08:56

  • Machi_072007-03-28 09:55:14

    A little
  • Tiffany102007-02-06 18:51:39

    i wish!
  • blue42007-02-01 09:03:35

    i don't speak korean but i know some short words or phrases...but how i wish i know their language! =)
  • yumikumi2007-01-28 05:56:34

    i do... it sounds different
  • dOrKy_GuRl032006-12-28 14:50:00

    i don't speak korean, but i wish i do though....:D...
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