do u like Charmaine sheh ...?  Vote Now

46.4% 13 votes
yea shes the best!
25% 7 votes
okay not so bad,..,.
21.4% 6 votes
i perfer others over her!
3.6% 1 votes
eww no shes [email protected]##&
3.6% 1 votes
no way i d ever like her
Total Votes: 28
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Poll created on 2006-12-30 3:20 by Twister1278

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  • pallylon2008-12-28 01:39:35

    She's bad , always try to be pretty.She look like a old woman.
  • hgfhg2008-12-06 16:09:56

    some drama i like her
  • CSSM2008-04-02 11:02:48

    Charmaine Sheh is the BEST!!!!!
  • sharonhong2008-04-02 08:02:09

    i love chermaine sheh so much,i love her dramas ,love her voice,in my mind ,she is the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • CSSM2008-03-29 15:00:12

    Charmamine is the best, whats wrong with these people who do not like charmaine she is 10000000000 times pretty!!!
  • CSSM2008-03-29 14:56:15

    floraddict is so brainless!!!
  • CSSM2008-03-29 14:54:01

    Charmaine is the best of the WORLD!!!!!
  • CH4RR4Y_R4WK5_4EVA2007-10-16 04:05:51

    SHE RAWKS!!!
  • rhea flor2007-04-07 08:56:49

    YES!!!!! she is very100000002x pretty!!!!
  • ythw2007-03-18 00:30:51

    Wll she's not THE best!!! but she's cool!!!
  • eileen2007-03-13 14:44:09

    she is not bad!! had improved a lot in acting :)
  • Love Mum2007-02-24 10:28:11

    support Charmaine~
  • runaway_gone_2007-02-23 09:37:36

    yar! board_rider, sentiments exactly! :D
  • Twister12782007-01-08 22:09:32

    i dont like her cuz she cant act and tvb promoting her... wasting my time watching her.
  • floraddict2007-01-01 10:30:09

    no shes so not...she cant sing nor act...
  • board_rider2006-12-31 17:23:50

    hey whats wrong with these people who dont like Charmaine, she is so cool ><"
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