What is Jackie Chan's best Hong Kong film?  Vote Now

25.6% 11 votes
New Police Story
20.9% 9 votes
The Myth
14% 6 votes
alot of them
9.3% 4 votes
Who am I?
4.7% 2 votes
Drunken Master
4.7% 2 votes
Drunken Master II
4.7% 2 votes
Mr. Nice Guy
4.7% 2 votes
Project A
2.3% 1 votes
2.3% 1 votes
Police Story
2.3% 1 votes
Police Story II
2.3% 1 votes
Police Story III: Supercop
2.3% 1 votes
Twin Dragons
0% 0 votes
Armour of God
0% 0 votes
Armour of God II
0% 0 votes
Dragons Forever
Total Votes: 43
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Poll created on 2005-12-28 23:56 by benlin
Did You Know...  
  • Jackie Chan does his own stunts.
  • Has a medical record so long that no life insurance company will cover him. Wikipedia
  • Jackie Chan's original Chinese name meant "Born in Hong Kong".

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