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Which Naruto character would win in a battle to the death? Rock Lee or Hyuuga Neiji  Vote Now

58.8% 30 votes
Hyuuga Neiji
41.2% 21 votes
Rock Lee
Total Votes: 51
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Poll created on 2006-05-04 1:51 by benlin
Did You Know...  
  • Rock Lee does not use any chakra when he fights.
  • Rock Lee also has a drunken master form.
  • Rock Lee carries heavy weights around in his socks to improve his quickness.
  • Neiji has "Byakuugan" which would let him follow Lee's super fast movement and see Lee's chakra flow.
  • With "Byakuugan" Neiji would only need one hit to disable Lee.
  • Neiji also has "Kaiten" which is a 360 degree type of defense that would be hard for Lee to penetrate.

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  • akasheo2007-10-13 01:09:21

    just wait untill rock lee unleashes his gate if life then neji would be done
  • Dying Soul2007-01-31 16:04:09

    Hey YYYY just because that don't work won't mean rotaion, gentel fists, or 128 plams do you even wacth the show?
  • Dying Soul2007-01-30 16:28:21

    I Agree Neji is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • yyyy2006-11-16 22:17:21

    As Lee uses no chakra, Neji's special abilities would have far less effect on his skills. Plus the raw speed of lee may be too much for Neji to handle in the first place.
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