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who's more talented...  Vote Now

29.6% 8 votes
tavia yeung
22.2% 6 votes
flora chan
22.2% 6 votes
leila tong
11.1% 3 votes
7.4% 2 votes
7.4% 2 votes
myolie wu
Total Votes: 27
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Poll created on 2007-02-02 1:21 by tvb_4_evah

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  • ZZuRRa2009-01-30 02:23:05

    Gosh,of ocurse it's tavia!
    Flora make me puke on her..she's the ugliest
  • l0v3j03y2007-07-15 03:38:25

    flora of course
  • runaway_gone_2007-02-23 23:12:23

    flora, definitely.
  • wiinni32007-02-02 08:28:35

    Flora all the way..... if she could just stay to TVB :( she was awesome!
  • floraddict2007-02-02 06:48:43

    the three youngsters are not talented at all so i added in my own choice...
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