About this poll: Do you think they are good in their acting??


What do you think of Myolie & Leila's acting??  Vote Now

43.5% 10 votes
Leila's better.
21.7% 5 votes
Myolie is better.
13% 3 votes
Both are EXCELLENT!!
13% 3 votes
Both are not good.
8.7% 2 votes
Both are okay in my list...
0% 0 votes
I dunno how to choose.
Total Votes: 23
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Poll created on 2007-02-08 4:43 by Mysterious--

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  • Xina2008-04-28 10:06:25

    I think Leila is lot better than Myolie... Leila acts since small...
  • board_rider2007-03-03 20:15:43

    Leila.. is so good..
  • Love Mum2007-02-24 10:58:03

    leila's better
  • runaway_gone_2007-02-23 23:06:34

    leila's better. was impressed with her character in LMS.

    was irritated by myolie's character in TITS.

    i think myolie should try & get a baddie role to prove her versatility? yea.
  • floraddict2007-02-09 05:02:40

    yar...at least myolie put in the effort to get fat for a show...
    leila probably got some fans cos they think she's cute...cute wif the baby look...not pretty...
  • wiinni32007-02-08 14:26:43

    Myolie is WAY..... better then Leila!
  • wiinni32007-02-08 14:26:15

    Myolie is WAY..... better then Leila!
  • wiinni32007-02-08 14:26:09

    Myolie is WAY..... better then Leila!
  • floraddict2007-02-08 05:18:01

    both cant act lar...but myolie is better...
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