Who is the prettiest Hong Kong TVB's actress?  Vote Now

19.3% 56 votes
chermaine sheh
14.5% 42 votes
gigi lai
13.4% 39 votes
tavia yeung
8.6% 25 votes
michelle ye
7.6% 22 votes
kenix kwok
7.6% 22 votes
leila tong
6.6% 19 votes
melissa ng
5.5% 16 votes
ella kuan
4.1% 12 votes
athena chu
3.8% 11 votes
sonija kwok
2.8% 8 votes
linda chung
2.8% 8 votes
maggie cheung
1.7% 5 votes
Jessica Hester Hsuan
0.7% 2 votes
yoyo mung
0.3% 1 votes
ada choi
0.3% 1 votes
0.3% 1 votes
Michelle Reis
Total Votes: 290
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Poll created on 2006-05-05 20:39 by porche

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  • lollipop2009-10-22 01:10:58

    i think ive came too late but i vote 4 jessica hsuan!
  • tsyr2008-08-09 15:19:21

    please everybody vote for ADa choi she is pretty :)
  • tsyr2008-08-09 15:18:19

    gigi is not pretty at all
    and linda too
  • tsyr2008-08-09 15:17:33

    i thinks ada choi is pretty
    very i mean
  • wkkid2008-07-20 16:26:00

    yoyo mung is also pretty too!
  • Cholin2007-11-21 06:37:19

    If i had not came late i would have vote 4 leila + Charmaine !
    But no flora (no offence)
  • wiinni32007-07-06 21:03:58

    i think a change my mind Tavia is the pretties!
  • rainbowgal2007-06-18 01:13:02

    charmaine is so ss here la..
  • eileen2007-03-13 15:09:03

    gigi......., kenix, tavia, maggie oso not bad...!! chermaine is a good actress but she is not the prettiest in tvb!!
  • runaway_gone_2007-02-26 10:00:31

  • floraddict2007-02-08 05:29:11

    i agree wif u cum flora's not in the poll???
    she is drop dead gorgeous...

    charmaine is not pretty at all...the judges that made her ms hk muz be blind...
  • manglaikuan2007-01-26 06:38:59

    Michelle Ye is so cute and pretty.
  • kaitlinng2007-01-25 23:10:16

    of course TAVIA is
  • prettygurl892007-01-23 09:48:08

    i wil vote michelle
  • diva~gal2007-01-19 21:52:33

    of cpz leila lor
  • punkinlinda2006-12-30 20:53:06

    Linda looks really cute in that picture but I'm a big fan of Tavia *wink*
  • punkinlinda2006-12-30 20:52:31

    Tavia is totally the prettiest!
  • Dixon 2006-12-30 10:35:44

    ...Chermaine sheh..~sigh~..
    real pretty...=.="
  • Tiramisue2006-12-29 14:02:55

    Linda is the prettiest!
  • Tiramisue2006-12-29 14:02:55

    Linda is the prettiest!
  • karen-floraforever2006-12-28 01:55:08

    Flora is the prettiest!! her name should be in the poll!!
  • mynhu2006-11-19 20:33:08

    they all look gergous but charmani sheh she are prettiest and she is my hero.
  • wiinni32006-10-05 20:04:01

    *i will pick Charmaine
  • wiinni32006-10-05 20:02:29

    If Ada was in the list i would vote for her but she isnt. soo i will pi Charmaine Sheh!
  • RubyFan2006-10-05 18:10:24

    Prettiest = Gigi Lai and Sonija Kwok
  • asia2006-09-01 22:36:30

    sa tinood lang wala ko naganahi sa ilang dagway nilad au..mas tsada pa ng mga korean actress kaysa ila...
  • Jinny2006-08-22 22:11:47

    boo kenix kwok, lets chop off her head and poke out her eyes..nothing wrong with her, just dun like her...maybe it's cause ppl said that she should pair up with's cause she's plain....scary...
  • azn dragon2006-08-17 23:50:50

    cum on people charmaine iznt that pretty and kenix kwok rockz she iz hot she should be #1
  • hikaru_lyn2006-08-06 10:44:10

    i wanted to vote charmaine sheh wan...but i must fare soo i vote michelle yip
  • beside_u_4ever2006-08-02 22:09:50

    what? charmaine sheh is so pretty, everyone come on you all kno it? but i gotta admite, all the actresses are really pretty i mean of course, if they weren't the wouldn't be on tv, duh :D
  • ching yee2006-07-25 00:05:28

    I like tavia yeung alot !! she is kinda cute gal !! Good in acting oso !!
  • samgiirl2006-07-23 16:58:05

    Michelle!! Sonija is okay, but would have been pretty if it wasn't for her lips.
  • tawni2006-06-27 17:07:32

    Gigi is pretty.She has dimples.I hate sonija kwok, she is hecka ugly.
  • nicoleco2006-06-16 23:29:24

    ella is the best.i really hate LINDA CHUNG!!!
  • craziness2006-06-02 03:55:16

    kenix kwok rocks..dun like charmaine's smile.
  • David992006-05-11 06:26:17

    This one is too close to call. They all are pretty, but Sonija Kwok is the prettiest actress.
  • obsessed152006-05-08 23:47:39

    don't really like kenix kwok. she's ok.
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