What do you think of Myolie Wu?  Vote Now

19% 8 votes
I want her to get kicked out of tvb
19% 8 votes
She's a pretty, talented chinese star!
19% 8 votes
She's okay
9.5% 4 votes
She's my favourite
7.1% 3 votes
I want her to do more dramas
4.8% 2 votes
She's cute
4.8% 2 votes
She's not okay!
4.8% 2 votes
She's pretty cool.
4.8% 2 votes
She's ugly
2.4% 1 votes
She's alright
2.4% 1 votes
She's kinda strange
2.4% 1 votes
She's pretty
0% 0 votes
She's a smelly old lady!
0% 0 votes
She's hot
0% 0 votes
She's not okay!
Total Votes: 42
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Poll created on 2007-02-17 13:23 by yumikumi

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  • ChekUpMyMatchingPipes2009-07-25 07:42:33

    MYOLIE really tries her best and she is amazing to me though. I find her really attractive and charismatic =DDDDD
    Myolie continue to strive! You will make it eventually!!!!!
    Love You!!
  • x_xbabiix_x2009-07-11 23:38:47

    i think she is amazing too. she is really good at acting and she is pretty. whoever doesnt like her is a hater. nd why be soo mean nd want her out of tvb. evenif yuu dont like that person, yuu shouldnt say thing like that. yuu know, everyone has their goodie.
  • ZZuRRa2009-01-31 02:48:10

    i also agreed to kick her out of
    i didn't like her very much..
  • llama012008-12-11 04:38:51

    i don't like her at all. she keeps thinking she's pretty but in fact, she isn't.
  • dancing_boyz2008-12-07 22:13:10

    she is ugly and smelly old lady ,i wanna kick her butt out of tvb ,wonder why you guy like her ?:[
  • stupidmonkey;)2007-11-15 19:19:39

    does she has long hair or short hair?
  • stupidmonkey;)2007-11-15 19:19:06

    she good at acting, like in "the War of in law".{wonder wat she look like if she has long hair.}
  • I_Y_G2007-10-11 22:08:57

    She so good in War of the-in laws with Bosco Wong...Hope see more in new drama...
  • deedeehu2007-09-09 09:20:00

    love her love her love her... one of the BEST TVB female actress! ^.^
  • ythw2007-03-18 00:35:29

    I personally think that she's amazing!!! I love it how she could be so dramatic!!! I think I spelt dramatic wrong...but oh well!!! Yeah!!! I'M BORED!! oh that was kinda random!!! hahaha
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