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Do you think Charmaine Sheh is cute?  Vote Now

57.9% 22 votes
42.1% 16 votes
No way!
Total Votes: 38
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Poll created on 2007-02-19 5:05 by yumikumi

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  • hgfhg2008-12-06 16:12:49

    omg who asked this question Charmaine is CUTE > omg ..... i don't think she is cute... she too old to be cute if you asked if she were pretty i might say yes
  • CSSM2008-03-29 15:18:54

    I will always support charmaine!
  • stupidmonkey;)2008-01-10 19:28:39

    i htink caharmaine is one of the best actor in the WORLDS!!!!!!!!!!
  • rainbowmessenger2007-11-09 16:45:25

    i agree with floraddict, i 4got the password 2 yumikumi so i made a better account
  • ythw2007-03-18 00:29:55

    I think Charmaine is like adorable...Well sometimes she could be not that pretty!!! not usually she's awesome!! I love how she acts!!! keep it on Charmaine.
  • board_rider2007-02-26 19:15:59

    im supporting her too.. but i dont think she is cute either lor.. haha she is just hot~
  • Love Mum2007-02-24 10:31:41

    support her~
  • Twister12782007-02-20 12:12:13

    i agree
  • floraddict2007-02-19 10:43:35

    she is so not cute lors...
    singing sux,acting sux...poor is anyone who acts wif her
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