What do you think of Leila tong?  Vote Now

25.7% 9 votes
She has a beautiful face and she's very talented
14.3% 5 votes
She's like the #1 actress in TVB!
14.3% 5 votes
She's really cute and pretty!
8.6% 3 votes
I hate her!
8.6% 3 votes
Luv her
8.6% 3 votes
She's cool and okay
8.6% 3 votes
She's rubbish. She's like a toad.
5.7% 2 votes
Not so good, not so bad
2.9% 1 votes
Never heard of her in my whole life!
2.9% 1 votes
She's average, her acting is okay
0% 0 votes
I've met her before!
0% 0 votes
She's hot
0% 0 votes
She's kinda small isn't she?
0% 0 votes
She's pretty cool. xDxD
Total Votes: 35
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Poll created on 2007-03-11 9:37 by yumikumi

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  • ZZuRRa2009-02-03 01:00:25

    So damn ugly with her baby face and her toad voice.Gosh,she is not pretty AT ALL!!!!!!!!!!!CAN'T ACT EITHER!
  • jervenne2007-11-24 01:33:10

    ya lor
    she's so talented
    and she deserves 2 b famous
    as she's in this industry since she was 8
    i admire her although i'm oso a girl
    i luv leila!
  • wahweithegangstakid2007-08-22 21:15:03

    wtf shes pretty noobs
  • floraddict2007-03-12 02:44:14

    so damn ugly wif a baby face...
    acting sux....cant sing...
    so irritating lor...
  • board_rider2007-03-12 01:03:21

    i know man! how can anyone with a sane mind hate her? she is gorgeous.. she is my perfect girl xP she is cute, she is pretty.. her voice drives me nuts.. I'm totally crazy of the girl!!!! btw what happened to the "she is perfect!" button?
  • runaway_gone_2007-03-12 00:49:36

    yea! how to hate her la. -.-
  • sassy2007-03-11 20:32:43

    I can't believe someone could HATE LEILA TONG!!!She's like one of the best actresses ever!!!And so Pretty!!
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