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hong kong, korean or taiwan series?!?  Vote Now

42.5% 17 votes
35% 14 votes
Hong Kong
22.5% 9 votes
Total Votes: 40
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Poll created on 2007-03-29 20:03 by wiinni3
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  • I like Hong Kong TVB series more!

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  • candicane2009-06-28 02:46:12

    Korean Drama......<3 4 lyfe!!!!!
  • christine yeo2007-11-16 08:09:12

    hong kong series are the best!!!
  • alter2007-09-07 11:55:00

    i like korean more .. ofcouse some hk movies are good but not at all...
  • dramuhfreak2007-06-28 19:08:59

  • board_rider2007-04-02 17:04:37

    korean drama =) but hongkong ones (some of them) are good too
  • sassy2007-03-29 23:36:19

    Hong Kong of course!!
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