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Ron Ng vs Tavia Yeung?  Vote Now

56.5% 13 votes
Love both
26.1% 6 votes
Tavia Yeung
8.7% 2 votes
Ron Ng
4.3% 1 votes
both suck
4.3% 1 votes
0% 0 votes
Total Votes: 23
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Poll created on 2007-04-14 15:23 by Colorful

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  • Suzuhira2008-12-08 22:13:46

    Love them both, BECAUSE THEY'RE SO CUTE TOGETHER. <333
  • Pizza2008-05-17 13:41:28

    when i first saw the series that bosco and tavia did(not sure about the name), i thought they looked really cute together, and then i thought ron and tavia would never act together, but then i saw the academy...and i thought they looked pretty cute in that movie. But still, i sometimes still think a girl thats in a bigger size suit ron ella koon. haha. anyways, i luv them both. XD
  • Xina2008-04-28 10:11:16

    They two rockzzz... so cute together >>TARo
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