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Taiwanese Or Korean Actress is Prettier ?  Vote Now

78.5% 84 votes
21.5% 23 votes
Total Votes: 107
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Poll created on 2007-04-29 15:40 by Nikki Jung
Did You Know...  
  • taiwanese : rainie yang, jolin tsai , cyndi wang , lin chi ling
  • korean : lee da-hae , song hye-kyo , kim eugene , kim tae-hee

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  • tanshane2011-10-28 07:31:21

    Its not that Taiwanese actress is not beautiful,they're beautiful too! but i think Korean actress is more Attractive.
  • musicbabe:) 2011-07-15 18:25:20

    I consider Korean to be sexy :)
    Taiwanese are cute :)
  • jenniecha2011-02-23 21:14:08

    kim tae hee and lee min jung. no shit.
  • saraelee2011-02-22 22:05:14

    lee da hae
  • mia zahrah2010-02-27 01:29:19

    of course lee dae hae,kim tae hee & song hye gyo
  • lollipop2009-09-29 02:36:37

    korean is the best forget about the rest!!!
  • candicane2009-09-10 03:37:43

    Taiwanese people look goo......but i like korean betta...What do u think?????
  • margaret2008-08-15 08:12:59

    you see that! many choose korean than taiwanese!
  • plinky2008-07-24 02:50:01

    korean is more beautiful than taiwanese!
  • kelly choi2008-07-24 01:50:40

    korean for all!!!
  • valirie_chan102008-07-22 06:13:13

    ha! i like korean most bec there skin is very beautiful like a crystal!!!!
  • Butterflyangel2008-04-14 22:12:33

    koreans because they eat healthy foods..their skin seemed perfect..and perfect weight and height..taiwanese are also....nice but i usually watch k-dramas that's why..i appreciate koreans.but we are all beautiful in our own the way i hate kim tae hui because she's got devilish eyes.
  • denisse2008-03-05 06:50:23

    ..haha!both!coz i really like RAINIE YANG!so cute!especially when paired with MIKE HE..and i also likE SONG HYE KYO and KIM TAE HEE..bleh..!
  • namunamu2007-09-26 20:28:18

    obviously koreans..
  • yixunne2007-09-26 07:35:07

    Taiwanese for me.....though I also like korean actresses, most of my fave actresses are Taiwanese there goes my vote!!!!
  • Chae Hye2007-08-28 01:03:06

    Korean Rules.......
  • nicolechanjiaxin2007-07-24 04:07:31

  • IvanMa2007-07-11 23:05:57

    i like taiwanese though...
  • lucy2007-06-05 01:41:02

    my vote goes to taiwanese.. not only taiwanese actress are skinny, most of korean actress are skinny too..
  • eun-suh2007-06-01 07:47:27

    korean ofcourse...most of taiwanese actress is skinny!
  • taiwan teenagers2007-05-26 12:35:09

    I think taiwanese.I don't really like KOREANS.
  • Nikki Jung2007-05-20 12:10:18

    go koreans !
  • board_rider2007-05-09 22:47:41

    song hye kyo!!!
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