who match Raymond better?  Vote Now

64% 16 votes
Fungyi (Tavia + Raymond)
36% 9 votes
Raylin (Linda + Raymond)
Total Votes: 25
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Poll created on 2007-06-17 14:34 by wiinni3
Did You Know...  
  • definetly FUNGYI!!!!
  • I looove Tavia and Raymond

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  • rachelkhl2008-08-19 09:42:29

    raymond and linda is better :) tavia is for bosco :D and charmaine is tooooo old for raymond .no offence so yeah .RAYMOND AND LINDA !!! ;D
  • TVB4ever2008-05-21 02:41:59

    i personally think ta RAYDa is cute 2gether..
    plus linda is soo damn pretty
  • tinaxd2008-01-13 17:48:08

    i hate the pairing Charray.
    In my opinion, Charmaine is soo old and ugly. Raymond is just too HOT for her.
  • CH4RR4Y_R4WK5_4EVA2007-10-16 03:54:34

    Excuse miie...
    charray is better?!?!?
  • snickerdoodle2007-08-04 00:02:10

    I like Rayda better than FUNGY even though most people like FUNGY.
  • runaway_gone_2007-06-22 00:23:31

    Raymond&Linda are compatible, but they keep quarelling in HOG. *-*
  • sassy2007-06-17 18:36:06

    I like Fungyi better than Rayinda. But I also like Taro better than Fungyi!
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