About this poll: I have watch lots of Taiwan drama. Here, I ask you to pick one of the best more...
About this poll: I have watch lots of Taiwan drama. Here, I ask you to pick one of the best drama. Can you? less...


Which Taiwan drama is the best  Vote Now

24.4% 11 votes
Devil Beside You
20% 9 votes
Hanazakarino Kimitachihe
13.3% 6 votes
Prince Turn To Frog
11.1% 5 votes
8.9% 4 votes
The Magicians Of Love
4.4% 2 votes
100% Senorita
4.4% 2 votes
4.4% 2 votes
Meteor Garden
2.2% 1 votes
At The Dolphin Bay
2.2% 1 votes
2.2% 1 votes
It Started With A Kiss
2.2% 1 votes
None/I hate them
0% 0 votes
The Legend Of Speed
Total Votes: 45
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Poll created on 2007-07-07 23:52 by husna_ryu
Did You Know...  
  • Ming Dao & Qiao En is my favourite couple!
  • All 183 Club's members in PTTF!
  • Wu Zun (Fahrenheit) was born in Brunei Darussalam!
  • It is really sad when watching Vic Zhou in pain in Silence!
  • Korea & Taiwan co-operated in Silence
  • Mike He, Ming Dao & Wu Zun have same height. It is 181 cm.

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  • fahrenheit lover2010-05-18 01:59:23

    i love series that features fahrenheit!!!!!!!!!!!
  • poplover2008-05-19 02:18:08

    gusto ko lag sya
  • frozen summer2008-04-04 01:15:08

    frog prince s da best!!!!!!
  • shilrey2008-01-01 01:36:13

    hana kimi is the best series i've evr seen in my life!!!!!!!! By the way, wu zun and ella should b a coulpe in real life!!!!!
  • erin2007-12-10 02:36:48

    i don't like ming dao so much, but i like wu zhun, jiro wang ,aaron yan and calvin chen so much.
  • I_Y_G2007-10-13 22:49:50

    Silence in quite suck...But I like Vic Chou...
  • Korina2007-08-01 11:43:42

    I have discovered Vic Zhou. He really knows how to emote!
  • nicolechanjiaxin2007-07-23 05:42:34

    I hate Taiwanese dramas and movies.They're so lame.
  • husna_ryu2007-07-13 03:09:52

    I have watch all the dramas. But I choose PTTF. I love Ming Dao more than I love Wu Zun, Wallace Huo and Vic Zhou!
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