About this poll: Just curious as to why people like korean dramas.


Why do you like korean dramas?  Vote Now

44.5% 106 votes
The story/plot is very captivating
34.5% 82 votes
The actors/actresses are hot!
9.2% 22 votes
because of kwon sang woo
4.6% 11 votes
I like to cry.
3.4% 8 votes
I don't really like Korean drama
2.1% 5 votes
I like depressing movies.
1.7% 4 votes
because beautiful actress and the story was so very fun
Total Votes: 238
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Poll created on 2006-07-19 23:50 by benlin

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  • jenniecha2011-02-23 21:23:16

    i love k-dramas more than any other dramas. k-drama is just the shit <3
  • valirie_chan102008-08-01 09:07:05

    because there too hot!!! there the hotest all the world!!!
  • plinky2008-08-01 09:00:40

    korean!!!!! i love them!!!
  • kelly choi2008-08-01 08:50:07

    for the best of all the korean drama's!!!! no other's!!!
  • Butterflyangel2008-04-15 22:26:58

    iiiiiii love coffee prince. in fact, i'm a coffee prince addict..really love it ...it's a must see also winter sonata.the best in endless love.
  • Butterflyangel2008-04-15 22:22:32

    i love the way koreans make stories and plots. that's why i like korean dramas. guyz, are their korean dramas in australia?
  • namunamu2007-09-26 20:37:29

    the plot is awesome!!! but i think the actresses is hot too..
  • nicolechanjiaxin2007-07-24 04:25:12

    I love Korean drama.Baby I love them..
  • hopes2007-04-28 00:35:02

    i love korean drama, the actors are very cool, handsome, and also cute... such as rain,lee dong wook and bae yong jun....
  • freedomplanet_nie2007-04-17 13:02:12

    I love all the Korean drama, and the story is very captivated it is like my real life lol hihihihi som but not at all as people who live in the USA.
  • kyaedagoon2007-01-08 00:56:28

    I think Kwon sang woo is very ugly when he cry.
  • Ms.Lim2006-11-20 22:06:23

    I luv every good korean drama, whoever d actors/actresses are, as long as they're hot!! haha.. =D But d Plots hav 2 b captivating also.. Recently I luv "A Love 2 Kill" n "Goong"!
  • biru guurng2006-11-17 23:42:25

    All korean dramas are good but winter sonata is best. All the korean actors are hot and even there acting is very excellent.
  • Yoo-rin2006-11-13 19:41:24

    KSW is the first korean actor I fell in love with..He act well in Stairway to haeven.
    korean dramas are best and unique for me. Among all type of dramas, I love korean drama the most. Not only b'coz the hot & talented actors&actress, but also the storyline is always interesting..
    Congratulation to korean film & drama!!
  • bella252006-11-01 02:03:47

    The stories are different from Hollywood and other western shows. Amnesia, cancer, sibling lovers, men crying overtly, great OST and wonderful photography for most of the dramas... a change.. not because of any actor or actress
  • candicane2006-10-25 03:29:04

    ...change of atmosphere,korean differs from tvb, china mainland series and taiwanese, it seems 2 have more spice!
  • lena2006-09-19 16:48:25

    Kwon Sang-Woo is really fine! I think he has one of the hottest body compare to the other korean actors. kwon sang-Woo + Kim hee Sun = Perfect Hot Couple!
  • gReat_puNishEr2006-09-08 09:05:24

    i like it's story
  • anz2006-09-04 07:40:13

    Yes Kwon Sang Woo is undoubtedly very talented. He moves you everytime he appears on screen. Considering he's only been acting for a short space of time this is incredible. Keep up the fantastic work.
  • kswoofever2006-08-13 06:54:36

    kwon sang woo is like my first love. ever since i watch my first korean movie stairway to heaven, i couldn't watch others -i kept comparing and wishing ksw was the male lead instead!
  • joey2006-08-06 22:54:41

    i'm not into depressing or weep movies. including korean movies but i will watch only if its ksw.
  • beside_u_4ever2006-08-02 22:12:12

    ok, let me say one thing, come on, we all kno, the reason why we watch kdrama is b/c the actors/actresses are HOT! and yeah of course kwon sang woo, is really hot! but there are other hot korean guys too, but kwo sang woo is definitely up there for me! :P

    one last thing if you like depressing movies or like to cry, um, excuse me go watch taiwan movies, k? those are like overly depressing :D
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