Do u hate Charmaine Sheh?  Vote Now

57.1% 12 votes
No, shes OK
28.6% 6 votes
Yes, she sucks at acting and shes a slut who tries to act cute...
14.3% 3 votes
i could care less about her
Total Votes: 21
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Poll created on 2007-09-02 21:59 by BlueBear26

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  • hgfhg2008-12-06 16:14:57

    when she act cute my god she look so ugly she is too old to act cute
  • chiachiatn2008-03-31 22:46:33

    yep.. she is one of my dislike actress. 'chicken voice', act cute, no talent, not pretty at all and always think she is beautiful.. SUCKS!!!
  • karen-floraforever2007-11-26 00:01:00

    i HATE her! she cant even smile! dun even say cry! =.=
  • rainbowmessenger2007-11-09 16:43:29

    i don't really like charmaine, her hair looks fake
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