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who is more popular marian rivera or angel locsin?  Vote Now

70.5% 31 votes
angel locsin
29.5% 13 votes
marian rivera
Total Votes: 44
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Poll created on 2008-08-18 15:00 by shine

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  • oliv20682013-06-16 17:16:31

    ANGEL LOCSIN is absolutely the GREATEST ACTRESS of Her Generation ... That's a FACT !
  • lady_lyka2008-11-12 15:25:19

    angel is the best
  • alicebenz2008-11-12 07:21:17

    marian rivera can never be RP's phenomenal star for nothing? so, you bunch of pretenders there, you're wasting your time lying ang convincing people. Marian Rivera is presently the most popular actress in RP.
  • alicebenz2008-11-12 07:18:14

    the ratings speaks for itself, only marian rivera's teleseries got a record breaking rating for all time. check it out babies.
  • 22102008-09-04 04:12:54

    I Agree with YOU Kosmot! Promise, si ANGEL LOCSIN ang may "K" ... !
  • kosmot2008-09-03 02:36:22

    hindi nya level ...magaling na magaling na si angel ng lumipat sa abs...
  • 77452008-08-24 20:05:10

    ANGEL LOCSIN is simply RAVISHING that you can not find ways to compare to someone WHO is OVER-HYPED and NO ACTING ABILITIES at all.

    Marian Rivera needs to learn HOW to ACT for until now, She is needless to say - a HAM Actress who can not even match KIM CHUI and KC CONCEPCION Natural Acting Powers.

    How much MORE if you will COMPARE her to ANGEL LOCSIN ..... PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE !!!
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